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Follow clayclai on Twitter
Needless to say, if these early reports have any substance, this is an extremely important development. These are the tweets I am seeing now:

I followed @IbnOmar2005 all through the Libyan Revolution and I consider him to be a very reliable source, also if Al Arabiya Arabic has the story there is something going on.

This is fast breaking!!

More later...

More tweets:


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This is the Google Translate version of the first news article I've found on this situation. If you don't know Google translates you really should get to know it. Try this link for the original Arabic and this link for the Google Translate version. What it comes up with is often quite readable and it makes a world of foreign language sources available in an instant. This is from Al Wakaai:

Jordanian soldier injured after a clash between military forces on the border of Jordan and the Syrian

Facts News: Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications and government spokesman, Samih Maaytah he and during the entry of Syrian family by the Syrian army to shoot Batjahmm earlier in which a child before he leaves to the ground wounded. He said, adding that a group of Jordanian army evacuated the injured child to a hospital Alrmthaaovernma where he died there.

This has seen a Jordanian-Syrian borders are very tense at dawn on Friday and reached the limit of the clashes between the troops on the border forbidden between offenders and the near Tel Shehab. This comes after a group belonging to the Syrian army to pursue a Syrian families that took refuge in the direction of Jordanian territory and shoot them, which led to Syrian, killed a child in the group that resorted to the Jordanian border.

According to Jordanian sources Oaskaraa injured his hand while trying to rescue the Syrian Family, The journal of the Jordanian army to evacuate the children and try to resuscitate him to a hospital while the government Ramtha returned Adarjha into Syrian territory after its inability to cross the Jordan into the exclusion zone.

For what its worth, this just came in, below is the Google Translate version, I hope you can make sense of it. This link leads to the Arabic and if you can contribute a better translation please put it in comments and I will post it here:
A military statement issued by the Syrian army free for what was published recently on the relationship with Jordan
26 July 2012 09:34pm

News facts: a statement from the Syrian army free to read:.

In the name of God the Merciful

((O ye who believe, lest the news, verify that harm people in ignorance and repent for what ye have done))

A military statement ...

In response to Mabuth enemies of the revolution and in condemnation of what came to register does not mean only to hatred and hatred of the same neighbor we, the military junta - the southern sector and all the army battalions of free labor in which we condemn strongly the policies included in the words of nothing to do with the revolution and Bahrarha We affirm the unity of the two peoples, Jordanian and Syrian and the best relationship of neighborhood , and has done for this people, half of our people in grief is the subject of love and appreciation, love and gratitude.

We condemn the policies included, we pledge to hold accountable anyone who tries to broadcast discord between the brothers and building a row of Arabs and Muslims.

All the love and appreciation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the property of the people ...

Submitted corner Yasser Abboud - commander of the army in the southern sector of free ..

Again, for what its worth, this is said to be video of the clash between Syrian and Jordanian troops posted to YouTube at 5:14pm pst by Star New Agency, a Jordanian news agency.

This is a report from the Arab News out of Jordan. Again it is via Google Translate:

Jordanian army forces clashed with al-Assad on the border at dawn after the death of a child with his family took refuge in the Kingdom
Friday, July 27, 2012 00:01

Arab News - rolled reported clashes early Friday Djibash between the Jordanian and Syrian army in the city of Tel Shehab shield border.

Where Al Arabiya information on the clashes taking place in the same area, as quoted by the army of free sites on the Internet this news, which reported the news about the occurrence of a number of injuries.

The sources quoted that the reason for Alachttbak belonging to a group belonging to the Syrian army to prosecute Syrian family resorted to Jordanian territory, where he was killed on the track a child Syrian and wounded some members of his family, and the units of the Jordanian army to evacuate the child and family into the Jordanian territory.

The Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications and government spokesman, Samih Maaytah dawn on Friday that he and Syrian family during the entry of the Syrian army has opened fire at them, injuring a child.

Maaytah said, "The total of the Jordanian army evacuated the injured child to a hospital where he died Ramtha public life there."

Maybe the new headline should be "Daily Kos beats Huffington Post reprint of AP release with original reporting!" Here is the first AP report, two hours after this diary. Now that's what I call Breaking News:
Jordan: Syrian army shoots dead Syrian refugee boy
JAMAL HALABY | July 26, 2012 08:19 PM EST

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan says the Syrian army shot dead a three-year-old Syrian boy while firing at his parents and a dozen other refugees as they tried to cross a Jordanian border fence.

Information Minister Sameeh Maaytah says Bilal El-Labloubi died instantly of a bullet wound in his neck.

A border official says two people managed to sneak in, while about 10 others ran back into Syria under heavy Syrian gunfire. It was not immediately clear if the two were the boy's parents.

Maaytah says there was no cross border fire.

He says the early Friday incident took place in Turra, a northern town near Ramtha on the Syrian border.

Jordan hosts more than 140,000 Syrian refugees.

The border official insisted on anonymity because he was not allowed to make press statements.

I now have a Google New alert setup, so now lets see how long it takes for the MSM to pick up on it.

First it turned up the AP report in the HuffPost, and now it found this from Big Pond News:

Syria and Jordan troops clash on border
27 Jul 2012 - 10:26am

Jordanian and Syrian forces have traded gunfire on their border.

According to a Jordanian security source, 'brief' clashes broke out between the two armies in the Tal Al Sihab region after Syrian forces opened fire on some 300 refugees attempting to flee into Jordan but targeted Jordanian forces by mistake.

Jordanian soldiers returned fire, sources say, igniting a fierce 10-minute-long battle between the two sides.

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