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  The Go Back Team of Romney and Ryan

The President's reelection campaign is displaying a prowess for political counter-punching that I find dazzling and unprecedented in my personal recollection of a dozen Presidential Elections. As quickly as the Romney Campaign pivots to a new message or line of attack, the President's reelection campaign launches a deadly counter-strike, usually stopping team Romney from taking control of the message. These shockingly effective ads, seemingly produced overnight, strike with the precision and accuracy of a Predator Drone. Recent examples include OFA's rapid fire response to Mitt Romney's lurching attempt to shift the message to welfare reform. These return salvos against the Romney Campaign's messaging pop guns come equipped with links to Obama Campaign websites that fully flesh out the counter-message and provide links to social media. In the case of the welfare reform crap that Romney was peddling this week, OFA put everything straight with welfarefacts.org

Though not totally surprised, I am nevertheless very impressed with the reelection campaign's initial strike back at the Paul Ryan nomination bestowed by Romney.

I don't have a transcript, but the related website is here.  

Here are just the titles under one heading, "5 Facts", for factually detailed essays on each of the factual points.

1  Paul Ryan’s top-down budget plan is a sham

2  Paul Ryan’s plan would raise taxes on the middle class and cut taxes for the wealthy

3  Paul Ryan’s plan would gut middle-class investments

4  Paul Ryan’s plan would end Medicare as we know it

5  Paul Ryan is severely conservative

OK, that last one is a little redundant, but it is worth saying. Anyway, as my most favorite client ever was fond of saying, "That's stouter 'n cold chili!" These are strong words, "sham", "gut", "end" and other potent terms like "top-down", "raise taxes on the middle class" and "severely conservative". The President's campaign is not holding back.

This stuff is just what was already in the can at OFA pending a Ryan announcement. It is only the beginning. The Romney/Ryan Go Back Team has delivered to the President an opportunity for an epic victory. And my IRA holds shares in the company that makes Jiffy Pop. Hahahahahaha.


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2:23 PM PT: About the title.  

The subject of the diary is the use of strong language and focused, powerful, rapid fire messaging in the political arena during this election. I quite intentionally chose to use the drone image because it helps demonstrate the power of strong words. Military and police UAV's, if badly used, cause the horrors remarked upon by some comments, and I know this, But I see, and certainly intend, no disrespect for the victims of such misuse from my reference to the tactical capabilities of the weapon as a political metaphor. I still fail to see how my intention could have been misunderstood by anyone of ordinary sensibilities. Nevertheless, I sincerely apologize to anyone made uncomfortable by my choice of words. If you knew me in person, you'd probably have often heard me speak even more bluntly.  

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