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Boy oh boy, do the Thugs have a plan for us.  I can really hardly wait.  I want to start by saying that a country that does not have a middle class, and is based on a 1% billionaire or so class, and the other 99% poor, is not only unworkable, it is an abysmal failure.  We know you love Ayn Rand, Paul.  The rest of us read it in high school, thought it was really cool, then actually GREW UP, and realized that what she was really proposing was not only unworkable, it was RUSSIA.  It was the millionaires controlling the top tier, 1%, and everyone else is poor.  It was a plan that said the government pays NOTHING, and if you are not rich, too bad.  Start standing in line, and wearing cardboard shoes.  What's wrong with that?  EVERYTHING.  Let's look at a couple other countries that are using the same plan.  Mexico is one.  Very small percentage of the population has all the money, and the rest have to come here to try to feed their families.  They are not coming here because they want to leave Mexico.  They want to keep their children from starving, and we have no viable way for them to work and go home, because the Thugs have pushed this to the back burner over and over again, because we cannot have this.  We HAVE this.  We have more than 20 MILLION people working and living here because they cannot EAT with the wages they get from begging on the street or selling chiclets.  


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So, let's talk about your Ayn Rand solution.  You have a plan for us that we will not believe.  We are going to gut Medicare, and you seniors, well, you have lots of reasons to worry, especially if you are not a multi-millionaire and can pay for all your own health care, because under Ryan's plan, the government is no longer going to help you.  You have to figure out a way to pay your bills.  Maybe the Obamacare might cover some of it, but if you have a heart attack, I think Ryan is just planning on having you keel over.  Kids, if you have no money for college, but were counting on grants because you have been studying so hard and getting straight A's and were sure you would get some federal money from FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), well you can wipe that off your list.  That is gone.  Head Start, which has shown over and over that it does more for low income children than any other program in history is going to be gone.  Did you know that children who have preschool of ANY KIND are ten times more likely to graduate from college?  Why, I am not sure, but it works.  And, insead of having a teen gang member who sells drugs, a teen who graduates from college is going to be a productive member of society.  It just makes sense.  PBS, gone.  Sesame Street, just a dumb show.  How many children have learned their ABC's and numbers and words and how to behave from Elmo and his friends?  GONE.  All the fabulous shows coming from PBS, all gone.  Women:  Life begins at conception, and there will be NO help in any way for conception education, condoms, birth control, NONE.  They will probably want to teach creationism as part of the new Romney curriculum (you know there was a human footprint in the footprint of a dinosaur, don't you?  Just ask rocket scientist Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann).  There will be no additional firefighters, police, and their pensions will be cut dramatically, maybe totally.  Teachers?  Double the size of classroooms, no tenure, no pensions, no nothing.  If you want a band, pay for it.  If you want any dumb program like music, or art or creative writing, pay for it.   What are the uses of classes like that?  No children with problems will be helped at all.  No aid, no help with sitters, nothing.  Is this sinking in yet?  I am not even one fourth through this budget.  By the way, Romney LOVED it, "it is MARVELOUS, and I will sign it if it crosses my desk" and now, such a surprise, he doesn't love it anymore, because he knows that this budget is a HUGE problem, but if he just says he doesn't like it anymore, it is fixed.  No, Willard, it doesn't work that way.  But of course, Willard has said over and over (taped of course in his voice, so it can be used for MANY ads) how much he loved this budget, but he is allowed only 100 flip-flops per week. Ryan is only releasing two years of his taxes?  Is ANYONE surprised?  This is to show that what Romney is doing is no big deal.  Won't work Willard.  How many offshore accounts does Ryan have?  Car garages?  OH, but Ryan does live in a home that is called a historical mansion, and he gets a 20% tax credit.  Do you wonder if that will go away under his tax plan, or will it be a little caveat that he sneaks in along with the, can't touch my bosses' overseas accounts, and we only have to release two years of tax returns.  I am SURE it was a coincidence that Ryan decided to release only two years of returns, even though every other candidate President and VP from FDR on has released ten years or more, and even George Romney released ten years of his, but he didn't have as many things to "cover".    There is more, much more.  This tax plan is like 70 pages long.  Of course he knew nobody would read it.  I'm going to read it now.  I do know this.  Teabaggers have been a bad deal for Republicans, and middle of the road Republicans and now many more Independents don't want anything to do with them.  Romney, not too surprisingly, didn't listen to anyone, and made up his own mind, because, let's face it, he's the smartest man he knows, and picked Ryan.  Reminds me somewhat of McCain, but at least McCain had a good reason.  He thought any woman would get him the election.  This is just folly.

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