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Since the Ryan coronation, the conservative message has been clear: Paul Ryan is our Presidential nominee. Paul Ryan embodies our ideals and ideas. He is the intellectual light of the GOP. If elected, Paul Ryan's ideas, not Mitt Romney’s will run the nation.

Romney will be a figurehead, he is not going to be President. At best he will be like the Queen of England, a face to be trotted out to cut the ribbon on opening day at new shopping malls and  supermarkets, and to be seen getting on and off airplanes. Paul Ryan will be running things.

It appears that America is heading for another *bush II presidency in which “Vice” runs everything and the “Resident” smiles for the camera and cuts brush.


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Frankly, this is basically what I predicted early on: Knowing Romney could never win against Obama, the republicans, I said, would wait until the convention and roll out someone they really liked. The press would then spend 60 days fawning over this new hero, never allowing themselves to question him or vet him properly (there’s no time! The election is too soon!). The Romney team simply came up with a minor variation: A hero Veep.

Ryan could never have survived the republican primaries. His ideas are too juvenile, his radicalism too extreme. He would have been shot down in flames faster than Herman Cain (and justifiably so). But now, as Vice, he is untouchable. He is to be portrayed as a paragon of virtue, his ideas are holy writ. Like letters of transit signed by General de Gaulle himself, Ryan cannot be rescinded, he cannot even be questioned!

The press, knowing Romney is an empty suit, a feckless dim wit, an entitled dilettante, a liar and tax cheat, and fearing a Romney-Obama match up would mean lackluster ratings, is rejoicing over the Ryan pick. At last they have a contest: Ryan vs. Obama. Mitt who?

It’s New! It’s exciting! It’s all based on lies and propaganda (the press LIKES that! It’s what they DO!). The next three months will be the Ryan hagiography tour. His record (such as it is) will never be questioned, his biography will be buffed and polished (no matter how thin and unremarkable), his huntin’ and handfishin’ will be lionized (you thought the Russian press’ worship of a bare chested Putin was disturbing? You probably won’t see a single picture of Ryan with his shirt on for the next 75 days).

At last the press has a product it can sell! And sell it will, night and day. Ryan is the new Olympics. A product they can turn their meager talents to.

But remember, America, Romney is the candidate, right? Oh, who are we kidding? What did Paul Ryan do today? Dear diary, Paul Ryan is soooo dreamy! (Collective sigh from the press.) Who cares about what’s his name anymore? Oh, Paul, look at me!!!

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