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As touched on in Part 1, your intrepid diarist has set aside the Innumerable Flaws of Mitt series to focus on Randian wunderkind Paul Ryan. Greener pastures, if you will.

The premise is still the same: another 26 things that have been revealed in recent days on the reprehensible repugnancies of Ryan. This is a group effort: there are far too many things for any one of us to chronicle, so please add your own thoughts in the comments. Extra credit for poetical formats, but all contributions welcomed!

A for arresting those folks who dare speak
At Ryan's events; people cause him to freak

B for that budget that Mitt won't defend
But we'll make him own it, right up to the end

C for campaigning, Mitt sure needs a hand
In driving that bus 'cross our beautiful land

D for death panels, they're next on the list
In Ryan's sick mind, old folks will not be missed

E, eldercare, you can kiss that farewell
The Mitt-and-Paul world will be one living hell

F is for Florida; don't go down there!
Those angry old people love their Medicare

G is for God who's on Ryan's speed-dial
Perhaps that accounts for his confident smile

H for that hair, even better than Mitt's
(Don't make Willard angry! He'll chop it to bits!)

I, income taxes; he's shared his, we've heard
But if you want Mitt's, well that's simply absurd!

J is for Janesville, Paul's ancestral home
Where he camped out reading each Ayn Rand tome

K for K Street where young Ryan's well known
And where he'll wind up with one call on the phone

L, legislation - in 14 long years
Paul Ryan's done little to impress his peers

M for the Munsters who live down the hall
Son Eddie has found his new clone in young Paul

N, narcissistic; both Willard and Paul
We'll prove they're mere mortals and frauds after all

O for the office where Ryan spends nights
While dreaming of shredding the whole Bill of Rights

P for Pell Grants that he'd strip from our youth
You need no degree to go seeking the truth!

Q is for Quayle; he's invoked by the press
The last VP choice who was such a big mess

R is for Rand; Ayn looms large in Paul's life
Hey, just divorce Janna and make her your wife

S for Sununu who's angry remarks
Pour hot gasoline on electrical sparks

T for Tea Partiers jumping for joy
When they lose their healthcare, will they love their boy?

U for the USS Wisconsin site
Where Mitt showed the world that he'd moved to the Right

V for the vouchers that won't be worth sh*t
Will Ryan's cruel plans put an end to old Mitt?

X for Gen-X, Ryan tries to appeal
To young working folks - hey! I am the real deal!

Y for the youth vote; those kids are quite smart
They'll see right away: Ryan just has no heart

Z for the zest in young Ryan's quick step
But his daunting baggage is too much to schlep

So now it's your turn: add your flaws to the list
Let's hope in November, we'll say "class dismissed!"


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Originally posted to cassandracarolina's fossil record on Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 05:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Indigo Kalliope.


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