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Tonight as I was flipping TV channels I spotted Congressman Allen West on Sean Hannity's show moaning and groaning about liberals' double standard when it comes to playing the race card.

Quite frankly, just the sight of either of those two is enough to make me hurl, but the two of them together sitting there trading verbal jabs at the President and the liberal media was much more than I could stand for any more than the approximately 60 seconds I watched.

But there was West's face prominently displayed in a tight shot with the big bold words "The Race Card" superimposed just beneath his chin.  What a victim.  And then they cut away to an outraged Hannity who was there to console and reassure the equally hurt West that the liberal media didn't care about his feelings.  What a joke.

West had the nerve to rant about how blacks are too dependent on big government.  This coming from a dude who has spent the vast majority of his adult life on the government payroll, first as an officer in the U.S. Army for 22 years and now as a U.S. congressman.  And oh yeah, there's that little thing called a federal pension he's going to get for the rest of his life since he's a military retiree.  Plus, as a military retiree he gets government-provided health insurance through a program called Tri-Care for life, too.  

Yet, this guy feels comfortable saying blacks are too reliant on government spending.  I'll take him seriously when he donates his retired monthly military pay and his salary as a U.S. congressman to charity, and also turns in his Tri-Care government healthcare card.

It was actually comical watching Hannity try to act he gives a damn about the plight of poor people in America in general, and poor black people in particular.  
He used his fake concerns about them and how liberals play the so-called race card against poor defenseless Alan West to launch into not-so-veiled attacks against the President.

Talk about two fake, opportunistic toads who are like peas in a Fox News pod.  I'm not sure how I managed to watch them for even a minute.  


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