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Turner's a passionate progressive who wants to warn people--especially women--about the coming doom if they were to elect Romney/Ryan! Apparently the Arena where she presents her one woman show is in downtown D.C. In “Red Hot Patriot,” by Margaret and Allison Engel, she will play the wonderful Molly Ivins, Texan, columnist we loved.  With her smokey powerful voice Turner will be fighting our cause! An activist, during college she worked at Planned Parenthood and later served on their board.

Thirty years after “Body Heat” and she’s just as seductive, even here in the chilly lofted cafe at Arena Stage , but her lure today is not murderous lust but passion for progressive causes.
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About her voice? The reviewer, Dan Zak, nails it:
The voice could smite a filibuster.

The voice achieves its own quorum.

The voice is in contempt of Congress.

A little taste? See below the squigg.

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(From:) “Red Hot Patriot,” as Ivins — who was a perpetual burr in George W. Bush’s saddle — starts marshaling her audience:

"These are some bad, ugly and angry times, and I am so freaked out. Hate has stolen the conversation. The poor are now voting against themselves. Politics isn’t about left and right; it’s about up and down. The few are screwing the many. Not that hard to figure out how to fix things. Stop letting big money buy our elections."
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Turner is worried that people will swallow the lies Republicans will offer at their convention and beyond. All the lies they will tell about not being as bad as they are, people may believe them. They are good at telling lies since that's all they know how to do.
“I want to keep women awake in September and October so that they don’t forget that this is, in fact, the Republicans’ agenda. Now, I’m not saying I can do this myself. But I can raise my voice.”
Knowing that she came close to slugging Strom Thurmond makes me like her that much more. Like us she hates what Republicans have been doing about women's reproductive rights and she says:
“I will be speaking out very loudly while I am here in Washington about this.”
I'm so glad she's been able to deal with health issues and come back to the stage and that we get to hear her political voice. And Molly Ivins! I just wish I could go.
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Originally posted to Gorette on Sun Aug 19, 2012 at 05:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by Theatricals.


Molly Ivins would have loved Kathleen Turner playing her!

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