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Forcible rape -  you hold a gun or a knife or threaten to kill -  this is "legitimate rape" - and for some, only some, Republicans, justifies termination of pregnancy, perhaps by a morning after pill.

statutory rape  -  the law says a female below a certain age cannot legally give consent.  For many Republicans, this apparently is just beating up on the guy.  Somehow even though the law says seh cannot legally consent, and the guy can face felony charges, she should not be allowed to kill his baby.  After all, didn't she say yes -  even though the law says she is too young to say yes.

date rape -  she may be drunk, she may have been given rohipnal, without her knowledge.  She is unable to consent.  But she did not say no, therefore it is not really rape, and therefore she should not be allowed to terminate her pregnancy.

For some Republicans, there is even reparative rape - she only thinks she is a lesbian, and he was trying to demonstrate that she was not.  Now that she may be pregnant, carrying her baby to term will "prove" she is not a lesbian.  Therefore she should not be able to terminate her pregnancy.  Of course if she and her lesbian lover want her to be impregnated by artificial insemination, that is somehow an offense against God.  But if I guy forces her, that is good.

Marital rape -  if she is still legally married, if there is no marital separation under law, if she is still living in the same house, she cannot say no.  Therefore she cannot terminate the possible or actual pregnancy that comes from his action.

Incest - getting pregnant by the actions of a step-brother or a step-father or an older cousin or an uncle.  If she did not say NO, even if she is in a situation where she cannot, even if the Roman Catholic church would not allow them to get married, even if the state would prohibit such a relationship, she cannot terminate the possible or actual pregnancy.  For most women, the difference in power represents a rape.  Not to some Republicans .

And we have not even gotten to what has happened in the military.

I'm sorry.  If the woman has not actively consented to that specific act of sexual intercourse, it is rape.  It is a violation.  And no woman should be forced to carry the results of that action to term.  It is pro-life for the life of the woman to allow her to terminate that pregnancy, either by a morning after pill or should she later discover she is pregnant by an abortion.

Any other position is anti-woman.


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