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Yesterday I posted a diary about how Republican Scott Brown is ahead in the latest PPP poll about the MA Senate race.  I was biting my nails too when I saw that Brown was four points ahead and I was banging my head when I saw that Brown was winning over Democratic and Obama voters but then I saw something in the poll that showed hope for Warren.  It shows that the majority of MA voters want the Democrats to control the Senate.  If Democrats can nationalize the election, Warren and Tammy Baldwin's chances will greatly improve.  So her best case is to pull a Sheldon Whitehouse who also defeated a popular (and real) moderate back in 2006 but urging voters to give the Democrats the majority they need to fight back against Bush's agenda and end the war in Iraq.  Now, Warren has that same chance and reading Huffington Post today, it looks like she's taking PPP's advice.  Take a look:


She's getting under his skin and it looks like she's going in the right direction in terms of messaging.  Especially in this section of the article"

"But Warren counters that the if Brown remains in the Senate, Republicans will have a greater chance of taking control of the body and pursuing a broader GOP agenda that includes opposition to those things that Brown supported. She also said that Brown has opposed items that many women favor.

'Scott Brown voted against equal pay for equal work. I’m going to keep talking about that," Warren said in a statement sparked by Brown's curt dismissal of her criticisms. “Scott Brown voted for the Blunt amendment to limit women’s access to birth control. I’m going to keep talking about that.'"

Keep the punches going Warren!  Urge MA voters that if they want a Democratic controlled Senate, then they need to send Elizabeth Warren to the Senate.  I have a feeling Warren, Tammy Baldwin and Shelley Berkley will all need Obama's mojo as well to help her win.  Tim Kaine and Angus King made the right decisions aligning themselves with Obama early on and I am positive he is going to win that race.  Guys like Joe Donnelly, Richard Carmona, Heidi Heitkampt, Jon tester and Claire McCaskill need to win their races on their own and it's looking like the negative ads aren't working against Sherrod Brown and not so much against Bill Nelson.  I wish Brown and Thompson were as nutty as Todd Akin but they're not.  They're nuts but not Todd Akin nuts but I'm proud to see Warren fight to be a part of the Democratic majority.  Dean Heller is Paul Ryan nuts and that's going to help us win that race plus we all know Harry Reid's machine is working it's ass off to get Berkley elected.  I predict that Reid will retire in 2016 but he does not want Dean heller to be the Senior Senator from Nevada.  Also, with Romney picking the face of Republican obstructionism as his V.P., this could help make the point that Obama needs a congress that will work with him if there's any hope for a stronger economy.  Now all we have to do is get Baldwin and Berkley on the same page.  Any suggestions on how to effectively defeat Tommy Thompson?  What's the best way to beat him?

Donate to Warren's campaign:


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