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   Ok, so we probably all know the Romney line: "I can't give specifics or I won't get elected."

     TRANSLATION: Romney knows his so-called Policies will harm "the People" and so the People would reject him in November

     I cannot believe the Press lets Romney get away with his refusal, utter refusal, to outline and give details on any issue.

Romney Tax Policy: (interview with Time Magazine)

STENGEL: Could you be more specific about those deductions and which ones you would eliminate?

ROMNEY: I know our Democrat friends would love to have me specify one or two so they could amass the special interest to fight that effort.

    When Romney gives those types of answers I just want to look him in the eye and say, "whatever you chicken sh!t"

      Oh, but, in that same interview Romney admits that not only does he not have any details, he will not ever have any details because he admits he will let Congress come up with the details.

ROMNEY: There are a wide array of ways to limit deductions and exemptions for people at the high end and those options are ones which would be worked out with Congress on a collaborative basis.
     See, Romney has no GD Tax Plan!  Romney just spews garbage, lies and more lies.

      In that same interview, Romney, candidate for U.S. President, says that since non-candidates for U.S. President Simpson Bowles did not have details, Romney should not be expected to have any details either.

ROMNEY: I’ll note that Simpson-Bowles likewise took an approach of saying look, these deductions and exemptions can be limited in a way that is approved by Congress. They did not go into the specific line by line as to which ones would be limited in which way
    Dude, they weren't running for office to be the President -- you are!  Sheesh, talk about totally leading from behind!

Romney's Secret, Hidden Tax Returns:
     Ann Romney said if they release "any more" taxes then their taxes will be ammunition against them.  Ammunition as in, smoking gun.

ANN ROMNEY: The reason we don't disclose anymore is, you know, we'd just become a bigger target.  It will give them more ammunition.

~ Ann Romney Interview (video)


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    The other day, Paul Ryan was asked about his "Forcible Rape" Bill and Ryan said that the Romney/Ryan ticket would subscribe to the Romney plan.  What Romney Plan!?!?! Which one!?!?!  

     Is Ryan talking about The Romney Personhood Plan that he told Mike Huckabee he would have signed into law in Massachusetts?  

     Is Ryan talking about The Romney/Blunt Amendment that said male bosses can deny Health Insurance coverage for woman who need/want a hysterectomy?

More headlines on Romney being afraid to give details:
August 6, 2012

Washington: Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney made a splash over the weekend by declaring the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, should not take on yet another attempt to stimulate the struggling US economy. Instead, he called for “something dramatic” without outlining precisely what that would be.
   Romney refuses to give details on how his policies would shrink income inequality and control abuses of Wall Street:
ROMNEY: such topics should only be discussed in "quiet rooms."

    Romney spoke to a Latino group and told them he'd be way better than Obama but refused to give details.

“I will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president’s temporary measure,” he told the group about President Barack Obama’s hotly debated directive regarding the DREAM Act.

But on the question of what exactly such a long-term solution would be, the GOP nominee isn’t saying.

~ Politico

   I could go on and on and on but I don't need to because everyone in America and around the globe knows that Mitt Romney has no details on any of his so-called policies because Mitt Romney does not have any policies -- Mitt spouts bunk as his policies.  Yet, the Press allow him to deceive the People with his bunk.

    Mitt Romney admits to the Press that if "the People" did know details of his so-called Policies that "the People" would reject Romney.  That speaks volumes.  

Romney knows his so-called Policies will harm "the People" and so the People would reject him in November so he hides the details.
    In my opinion, the Press is negligent and abusing their First Amendment guaranteed right to keep "the People" informed with facts by not demanding he give full disclosure on the details of his so-called Policies.

    Mitt Romney is an idiot, stooge, puppet who totally leads from behind.  

    Oh, and did I mention, Mitt Romney is a pathological liar?

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