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Their's bin, ewe mite have scene, a coursening in hour English tooday.

Weather e-males ore blogs, hole tails arrrr tolled with pore righting, witch, wen addled to misspelings and pour grandma, make much currant righting holy impossible to reed.

Yew awl no this from experience; weave awl bin shone this kind of thing sew many thymes eye reely don't knead too go into detail. And weave all dun it at sum point: know cents feeling gilt about it.

Bee that as it may, hour forebares the whorled over new that we half the word as wee speak it, and the word as whee right it.

Hear, today, weave seamed to have lost cite of that. It's as if we think righting is speaking; knot separate peaces of our language, imagining the words as though they are merely herd, and not scene.

Watt a week and waisted effort!

"Sew watt!" Eye can here sum of ewe say. To such a deer, misguided, her oar hymn I wood say: Doesn't yore head hurt yet?

Well, isle knot wine nor dam. It is plane that on this currant coarse --  wear watt we sea with hour I's is not pared width watt wee here with hour ears -- that English will dye.

Butt only if wee leaf this trend to role on as it mite, constant ass teh serf steeling the beech, in the coarse of thyme will this peek. Then, alas, bearly won soul will be able to truly here another. Hour eldsters gnu this.

How can whee make this rite? Can this knew media bee aloud to brake down hour costumary English usage? Will wee meat this threat two mental piece, or knot? Shall righters give weigh to there idol hobbits? Is their sum root back two the bases of awl scents in language? Ore nun atoll?

Who did steel from us the language witch floured with Shakespeare? Who sales away with our fare and suite tongue, confounding our ayes with such fowl spellings? Know one, if knot ewe and eye.

Well then, call me a fool.

And after the fool gets hear, tell hymn/her this fore me:

Aisle play the Profit, the Noble Night on a Hoarse.

As shore as the Son sets passed the Western see, aye will write this evil. And I prey that yew two due morn as eye dew, and together we will work until awl are taut to thing before they put finger to keybored. And to proofreed (spellcheck is not enough!)

Lettuce end this morning for watt was once sow grate! Stop the mattress!


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