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Short Romney: Obama is cutting the work requirement for welfare so he can get the shiftless Ns to vote for him.  He's not even hiding his hood anymore.

This is not dog whistles.  It's full out racism.
The racist attack is built on a lie.  No one cut any work requirements.  But it is not about reality.  It's about whipping up racist hate to get votes.

Romney is the modern day George Wallace.  America will retch his hate out.  It is not 1968.

Romney defends the welfare ads as accurate, accusing Obama of offering state waivers as a political calculation designed to "shore up his base" for the election. He denies he was trying to stoke discredited questions about Obama's birthplace when he said at a Detroit rally Friday that no one had ever asked him for his Michigan birth certificate.
USA Today
In a high profile interview in USA Today, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of gutting the welfare work requirements to “shore up his base.”

The Romney campaign’s attacks on Obama’s welfare policy have come under attack because they are false and seen by some a coded racial appeal. The New York Times’ Tom Edsall writes that “the Romney campaign is clearly determined ‘to make this about’ race, in the tradition of the notorious 1988 Republican Willie Horton ad.”


Romney’s most recent comments intensify his strategy by explicitly claiming Obama’s core supporters are on public assistance and lazy. Last week, Romney “joked” about Obama’s birth certificate. The New York Times reported that Romney has decided to adopt a “more combative” strategy designed “to appeal to white, working-class voters.”

Think Progress: Romney: Obama Gutting Welfare Work Requirements To ‘Shore Up His Base’

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After getting angry, I realized this is a weakness by Romney.  It's open for a counter attack by Bill Clinton and others.  

Romney is desperate.  

So far, OFA has handled everything pretty well.  I'm sure they game planned for full out racism and have a way to make it undercut Romney.

Hope Chris Mathews addresses this one today.  Tweety has been kicking ass lately.

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