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Republican National Convention: The race to the bottom
Watch live video here and join the conversation as we live blog the 2012 GOP convention.

6:56 PM PT: Condoleeza Rice has taken the stage.

6:57 PM PT: Is it normal for political parties to honor people responsible for such spectacular national fuckups as was Condoleeza Rice? I mean, if you helped design the plan for war in Iraq, shouldn't you just retire from politics permanently?

7:00 PM PT: Rice: "Where does America stand?" She says we no longer have an answer to that question. What bullshit. If you were responsible for Iraq and failed to prevent 9/11 and failed to get Osama bin Laden, shut the fuck up. And don't attack the guy who ended the Iraq war, and who got Osama bin Laden. Just go away. Forever.

7:02 PM PT:
You can't lead from behind. Which is why I started taking my job seriously after 9/11.

@tbogg via web

7:04 PM PT: The national broadcast networks are just now tuning into the RNC. ABC spent a couple of minutes focused on Isaac.

7:09 PM PT: Condoleeza Rice lecturing Democrats for not believing in opportunity. Says the lady who served the president whose dad was president whose dad was a Senator while endorsing a guy whose dad once ran for president. Meanwhile, Barack Obama grew up with a single mom, and so did Bill Clinton. So if you guys don't think Democrats understand opportunity and what makes America great, go fuck yourselves. We get it. And when Republicans nominate a candidate who is not the son of privilege, maybe we can say that Republicans finally get it too. Until then, fuck off.

7:12 PM PT: I love how the the broadcast networks cover this without actually covering the speeches. Right now, David Muir is telling ABC viewers why Condoleeza didn't get picked for VP, for example. Uh, anyone who took that Drudge float seriously is a nutcase.

7:12 PM PT: Now we are learning that the audience will go nuts when Paul Ryan takes the stage. What a huge insight!

7:12 PM PT: BTW, holy smokes, Condoleeza Rice's speech is LONG.

7:16 PM PT (Kaili Joy Gray): New thread here.


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