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Scott Walker stronghold Waukesha Co., Wisconsin is one of the highest per capita income counties in the USA. One of the wealthiest communities in that County is Brookfield. Walker's cuts to public education, handcuffing local revenue collection and attacks on teachers have come to roost in Brookfield's Elmbrook School District.

Look below the snaggle for link and details.


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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the Elmbrook school district was forced to "consolidate" and now local parents are complaining about classes with, (GASP!) thirty students!

Typical of Milwaukee's in-the-tank-for-Walker media, the article never mentions Walker or
his all-out assault on public education. Apparently this crisis just happened somehow.

The Journal-Sentinel's hate-radio adjunct, WTMJ-AM 620 is also reporting on the controversy, again with no mention of Walker. The comments section in that article are a refreshing change from the usual teabagger trollville we've come to expect.

Some gold from those comments:

Suddenly education is important when the cuts hit Waukesha County. Laughable.
Thank Walker! You wanted him and now education will pay a huge price for your choice! Welcome to the world of Wisconsin Education! Where we over test and increase the class size of your students. Then we blame the teachers for it. Thanks to Scott Walker, your kids don't have a chance.
This is what "It's working" looks like.
"It's Working" refers to Walker's mega-million dollar ad campaign during the recalls.

The jewel in the crown of those comments is this one:

30? And your complaining? I long for those days. Here in Menasha. a poor district, we've had 35 kids in a fifth grade class, and I had a class of 40 at the high school! And now I'm going to be paid according to how much they learn in these oversized classrooms in an area with over 50% free and reduced lunch. Sigh.
Sigh, indeed.

I confess this isn't much of a diary, mostly cut-and-paste but when wingnut austerity mania hits, it's important that people call it out. I encourage you to go to the linked article and pile on in the comments. I'm sure plenty of Brookfield folks will read the article, I hope they'll read the comments as well and learn that elections have consequences.

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Originally posted to ruleoflaw on Sat Sep 08, 2012 at 11:19 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.

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