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Today was the grand opening of the Guadalupe County Democratic Party Headquarters so I drove on out to Seguin, Texas. What a great bunch folks, and what a great event! When Texas does turn blue these are exactly the type of folks who will most deserve the credit. The new HQ is on the 4th floor of the Aumont Hotel on Austin Street. The office is already set up for phone banking and blockwalkers meet there every Saturday morning, ready to hit sidewalk.

Many candidates were there and gave speeches, please go to the web site to see a list of our great candidates. They all stood solidly for Democratic values, emphasizing that "we are all in this together," i.e. don't just take your own success and slam the door, but reach back around and make sure that others get the same opportunity.   These Democrats have taken to heart the themes of our Democratic Convention. Everyone seems fired up, smiling, laughing, proud to be Democrats.

There were no pessimistic Democrats at our new Headquarters today.


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Paul Sadler spoke for about 20 minutes without notes. He reminded me of Bill Clinton in the way that he got deep into policy without being boring or talking over our heads. This is a man that deserves our support.

On energy Sadler gives us clear choice. Unlike the Republicans, who fear that wind energy will make power too cheap, our candidate is a big supporter. "Wind energy is important, Texas could lead the world in wind energy production." He also spoke about his work with the Wind Coalition were he was executive director.

He spoke at length about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He promised to defend all three. I especially appreciated his passionate defense of Medicaid, an issue near and dear to my heart. He spoke about the very children that my co-workers and I care for, children with long term disabilities who are also extremely medically fragile. Without Medicaid, it would be impossible for many parents to keep these children at home. Imagine trying to care for a child on a ventilator at home without professional help! If drastic cuts are made to Medicaid, these parents will be on their own. This week Clinton spoke about these children, and now Paul Sadler. So good to hear. Don't think I've ever heard any politician talk about the our chronically medically fragile children before.

Candidate Sadler also mentioned his opponent, Ted Cruz, the new Republican Tea Party attack dog. "Folks, we are electing a United States senator from Texas, we are not electing an attack dog. Hasn't Texas already been humiliated enough on the national stage?"

Here is the record of former Texas State Representative, Paul Sadler;

And I must highlight this!

He was named to the Ten Best List of Texas state legislators by Texas Monthly in 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2001. He was named one of three “Outstanding Legislators” in 1995 and one of “Six Stellar” legislators in 1997 by the Dallas Morning News. He also earned the John B. Connally "Award for Excellence in Education" by the Just For The Kids Foundation.
Paul Sadler will do Texas proud!
DONATE at sadlerforsenate.com

Another great speech was given by Rebeca Martinez who is running for Justice of the 4th Court of Appeals. She noted the current system in Texas where judges are bothered not at all by having a financial interest in cases brought before them. She said that she was from the old school where judges actually believed in being impartial.  "Democrats don't believe in a system of have's and have-nots, we remember that there is still a working class." I thanked her for remembering the working class. These days, Republicans on the Texas bench routinely overturn jury decisions in favor of big business

The candidate for county judge, Paul Castillo, was also there. A man after my own heart. He goes door to door meeting voters face to face. He knows our county at ground level, not just from up on the bench.

And, so, a great time was had by all. Much clapping and cheering, this was a lively, positive group of Democrats. But, alas, got myself talked into Saturday morning blockwalking. They meet at 8 AM! Hope the coffee pot is on!

Folks, if we want Texas to turn blue, it won't happen magically. We gotta go out there and make it happen.

THE SPIRIT OF TEXAS: Speech by Paul Sadler

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Originally posted to JayRaye on Sat Sep 08, 2012 at 03:55 PM PDT.

Also republished by Houston Area Kossacks and TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans.

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