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The Conventions are now over. The dog and pony show where a candidate can present hisvision for the future has come and gone. We are in the final race of this horse race. Is it over for MItt? With a negative Convention  bounce, and the Democrats Convention making the Republican one look like a third rate Klan rally it seems like it is curtains. But is it really over? Or does Mitt have a trick up his sleeve? What can happen to turn it around.

The answer unfortunately is the same one that has helped Republicans give a clueless fascist 8 years of the presidency. Election Fraud may be coming soon. Right now it seems like an easy win for Obama, however the Republican Governors around the Nation have quietly behind the scenes been helping to pass laws that will ensure that only Conservatives will have their votes counted. This type of thinking will lead to a Doomsday Scenario!. Voter fraud of course is something that can only happen if the election is close enough and Romney remains within striking distance.

Besides voter fraud the only other way to win is money! Lots and lots of money as the Super PACS have already been filling the coffers to the brim. Yet will a deluge of money be enough to allow Romney to make a comeback? Will a potential deluge of fabricated ads put forth by pathological liars be forceful  to sway independent voters who are only politically minded every four years? That is quite the conundrum itself.

The good news is the poor showing of the RNC has done a wonderful thing by exposingRabid Racism of the GOP. The party has been completely exposed as a farce as are its Candidates. It seems that it might very well be the end of the road for Mitt.

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