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Woke up this morning to Chris Jansing trying to get a straight forward answer to a straight forward direct question from a Romney Spokesperson: What Tax Loopholes would you Close?

After that the hilarity of well tossed word salad does ensue. It's a Horror-Show.

So again, the specifics include policies that are pro-growthtm in nature, that reduce the deficit, that reduce the burden on tax payers and small business - small business who #1) have been hit hard by a number of regulations that have stifled growth and job creation and so #1) [What #1 again?] those are some of the things you have to start with...
Uh, Um, What? Which Loophole is that exactly? How much would it save? How many jobs would it create?

Jansing doesn't take that as an answer, because it's not, and keeps pressing - so naturally it just completely dissolves like water on a wicked witch from there.  It's truly something to behold watching her stammer and squirm and circle back and to the left returning to the same nonsensical talking points (We'll just cut burdensome regulations and we'll "Drill Baby Drill" ourselves to Energy Indepedence without any of the pesky Wind or Solar power Hippy-Dippy Stuff, and then we'll REPEAL OBAMACARE, except that we won't completely, or maybe we will, kinda, or something) over and over again.


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They can't say the truth.  They Don't Know the truth, because their actual plan is to work this out with Congress.  Yet at the same time they criticize the President for his attempts to Work things out during the Phony Debt Ceiling Crisis with a Congress, that won't work with HIM.

They might close the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction or they might not.  They might close the Depreciation Loopholes, or they might not.

What they claim they want to do Simply isn't possible.  You can't Reduce the Deficit via tax policy that also reduces the burden on Tax Payers.  That's a non-sequitor.  An oxymoron. A Riddle wrapped in a Conundrum inside a Russian Doll inside the Rubix cube in my Back Pocket.


On top of that President Obama has already done most of the legitimate stuff they say needs to be done.  He's already lowered taxes for middle-class families and small businesses at least 18 Times.


Why Can't Romney, Ryan or his bloviating sock puppets name the specific regulations they would remove?

Because President Obama has probably already removed them.

The Obama administration announced today it has changed or eliminated five regulations, saving the economy an estimated $6 billion.

President Obama also signed a new executive order "making it a continuing obligation of our government to scrutinize rules on the books to see if they really make sense," said a White House statement.

The statement added that, as part of Obama's regulatory review, the Council of Economic Advisers issued a report saying that "agencies have identified over 500 reforms, just a small fraction of which will save more than $10 billion over the next five years."

So of course, they have no answer - the real answer is nothing that Obama hasn't already done or is trying to do despite Congressional Obstruction. They just want to be there sitting in the White House taking the credit when it all finally starts to work.


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