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Eleven years ago today, 43 Paramedics and EMT’s were killed in the line of duty in the 9-11 attacks. Hundreds more EMS personnel responded, from around the nation, to the crisis sites in all three attack locations, and spent day after day combing through the wreckage searching for survivors and treating those injured in the aftermath. Many of those EMS heroes still suffer the debilitating after-effects of breathing the dust-laden air and being exposed to the numerous toxic substances at ground zero. Many more still wake up in  the middle of the night when they cannot escape the memories even in their dreams.

Today the New York Post honored those EMS heroes, fallen, wounded and those who will live forever with their memories, by... pretending they don’t even exist.


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NY Post cartoonist Sean Delonas chose the present this cartoon today depicting “the twin towers” of 9-11, (obviously in his opinion) a firefighter and a cop, completely ignoring the sacrifices and hard work of the EMS services.

I don't discount the sacrifices of the police and firefighters, but come on. Forgetting (or deliberately ignoring) EMS altogether? That's simply wrong.

I really don’t expect much from the Post. It’s a third-rate far-right-wing partisan rag filled with lies, self-serving half-truths, and National Enquirer-level reportage. Oh yeah, and snide “pun” headlines.

But I would have thought they’d at least have the decency to honor all the service heroes who gave their all on 9-11. I guess not.

Don't worry New York Post, if any of you guys ends up calling 911 and my ambulance responds, I'll still do my job and do everything I can to save your life. I guess expecting you to simply do your job is just too much to ask.

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