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Obama is likely to win. But it is looking like we may lose the Senate. This would in effect render the next two years of Obama's presidency largely blocked by obstructionism from the Greedy Oil Party. We have to win big in the Senate!

There are a lot of close and nearly close Senate races. We CAN do well. We CAN hold on to the Senate and maybe even increase our control of the Senate. But right now we aren't fighting hard enough to win. We are in danger of losing.

Join me in giving Obama the Senate. Please donate through my Senate 2012 Act Blue Site. This is possibly the MOST critical thing we can do for America.

See below for specific races.


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We are at serious risk of losing the Senate this year. We have to fight hard to prevent Repubs from gaining ground. I am selecting some of the closer races to focus on. These are the races most likely to determine who has the majority in the Senate. And if we win most of them we can even GAIN in the Senate.

Elizabeth Warren

A top Progressive and one of our best pick up shots.

Claire McCaskill

McCaskill is fighting against Mr. "Legitimate Rape" Akin. Need I say more? Right now Akin has a real shot of winning. WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT!

Jon Tester

A Blue Dog but if we want to keep the Senate we need him. And he is a damned good Senator!

Tim Kaine

Virginia is a big battleground state, as always these days. Winning this race is part of the overall strategy of pushing Virginia more solidly Blue.

Shelley Berkley

Something of a longshot but worth fighting for. Plus Nevada is a swing state so pushing it Bluer is a worthy goal.


Joe Donnelly

Another Blue Dog and quite conservative. But I have had something of a soft spot for Donnelly. Plus this is one of the few chances of actually winning more Senate seats.

Chris Murphy

Running to replace Joe Lieberman...and a MUCH better person than joe

Debbie Stabenow

Richard Carmona

Kick ass candidate. And this race has been trending our way!

Bill Nelson

This race is looking pretty good for Nelson, but given that it is Florida, who knows what crap the Repubs will pull. We need to solidly win to avoid the Greedy Oil Party from stealing it.

Tammy Baldwin

This is one I particularly want to win. I want to see Democrats really sweep Wisconsin to show the Repubs we do NOT appreciate their anti-women, anti-union, anti-working class and anti-middle class "values."

Republicans are gunning hard for Tammy and may well win. We have to fight HARD for this one.


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