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(Also at Nevada Progressive)

There's plenty of talk again now about how "close" the race is in the key Swing State of Nevada. But is this really true? Or is Nevada (yet again) swinging away from Republicans? Take a look below, as new voter registration numbers offer a shocking wake-up call to pundits and poll watchers wondering how Romney and Congressional Republican leaders can win in Nevada.


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Earlier today, Jon Ralston broke some interesting news.

As of this morning, the Democratic advantage over the Republicans is 61,443 voters, or 5.4 percent.

That’s larger than close of registration in 2010, when it was 60,108.

This is having an effect down the ticket, too, where three critical state Senate districts now have greater Democratic edges than in 2010.

Remember what we've been discussing all this summer? Yes, indeed, field matters. While Nevada Republicans have been very bust fighting each other, Nevada Democrats have been busy working the field. With all the voter registration, door to door canvassing, and volunteer to voter phone banking Nevada Democrats have been doing, there shouldn't be any wondering why they're gaining a key advantage.

@JohnOceguera rallying #NV03 @nvdems @ #WomenToWomen phone ba... on Twitpic

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Just since the August Secretary of State report (released early this month), Democrats have made even more gains in voter registration. Just in looking at the new Clark County, we can see that Democrats have expanded their advantage in the new NV-03 from 0.17% early this month to 0.54% now. (Just last month, Republicans had a slight voter registration edge in NV-03!) In the bellwether 5th State Senate District in swingy, suburban Henderson, Democrats have expanded their voter registration advantage from 3.70% to 4.02%. And in the must win 9th State Senate District in the fast growing and diversifying Southwest Valley suburbs, Democrats have increased their edge from 5.61% to 6.09%. Overall in Clark County, the most populous county in Nevada and home to over 70% of the state's population, Democrats have increased their already healthy lead from 12.53% to 13.02%. And looking at the whole state, just so far this month Democrats have increased their statewide voter registration lead from 4.97% to 5.40%!

Wow. What a feat. And as the above numbers show, President Obama isn't the only beneficiary here. The key battleground districts in the (Clark County) Las Vegas suburbs that may very well determine the control of Congress and the Nevada Legislature this fall, Democrats have been making huge gains throughout the summer. And with just one month left until voter registration ends for the 2012 general election, it's increasingly looking like Nevada Democrats have no plans to let up while Nevada Republicans keep scrambling to pick up their broken party.

Herein lies Nevada Democrats' "secret to success". And funny enough, it's not actually a secret. For all the "tea party" attacks describing the Democratic base as "lazy", the fact of the matter is that the Obama Campaign, the Nevada Democratic Party, local Democratic candidates, and local Democratic volunteers are just plain working hard and outworking the G-O-TEA by so many miles that Mitt Romney's operation just can't keep up.

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