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If you are convinced as I am that Mitt Romney is the worst possible candidate for President, then ask yourself: "What am I going to do about it?"

This fool insults 47% of our country in one fell swoop, warmongers against Palestine, exploits tragedies like the attack in Libya for political fodder, lies about his finances, obfuscates his personal records, blows dog whistles, shows ignorance towards ordinary Americans (at a NASCAR race and w/ the cookie remark), insults the UK, abuses his pet, assaults a classmate as a child, and tries to etch-a-sketch it all away through a web of lies and deceit. And that's just off the top of my head!

This guy HAS to be stopped! I am convinced that no one will emerge from a Romney Presidency unscathed. OK, the richest 1% will do just fine, but the rest of us are on the short bus to poor town if this man gets anywhere near the Oval Office. Our taxes will go up, civil rights will be diminished, and services that we rely on will be destroyed in order to pad billionaires' balance sheets. Worst of all, if Romney wins, then the racists and homophobes and hate groups that rallied around him and the GOP platform will be riding on a high from such a huge victory, which will lead to more recruitment, more militias, and ultimately more murders by these lunatics. Anyone who isn't a rich, white male can't afford to let these groups have that victory.

I'm fired up! I'm ready to go! I'm ready to help President Obama win a second term, and send this dangerous fool to the history books. Who's with me?

Are you ready to volunteer to keep Obama in office for four more years? More below the fold.


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I started volunteering because I felt that sitting on the sidelines was not good enough for me anymore. I was sick of all of the right-wing crap that I saw on comments pages, Facebook, and the news everyday. The straw that broke this camel's back was when all of the right-wing Christian bigots decided to "appreciate" homophobic company Chick-Fil-A. I had enough. Enough of the hate. Enough of the injustice. Enough of simply ignoring the people who would deny others' equal rights just because their holy book tells them to.

I thought, no, hoped people had more sense than this. I was wrong. I saw the line of cars that extended for half a mile from my small town's CFA location. I saw the hate with my own eyes. The gullible masses that watch reality TV (Honey Boo Boo?!? Where are the good shows like Firefly?) and listen to Rush Limbaugh and believe TV advertisements and actually think Romney would make a good President...

I help out at a local OFA office (Organizing For America), and we need volunteers. We need people to show up who say they will show up, and then we need them to help when they can.

Your help makes an enormous impact on the local campaign. There are formulas that are used to project how many voter registrations, canvassing door knocks, and phone calls convert into votes to re-elect the President. Trust me, the numbers add up FAST! A few people manning the phones for just three hours adds up to hundreds of calls made.

Volunteering feels GOOD. You feel better after doing voter registration especially. People are coming up to you and thanking you for helping them vote. There are so many people today who have no clue where to go or what they need to do to be able to vote, and your presence helps to clear those hurdles for these folks. I'm sure the issue is compounded in states where the GOP is forcing voter ID laws in place. If you live in Pennsylvania, please get out there and knock on some doors to make sure that everyone has valid ID. Its important!


If you need help finding a volunteer location, ask me. Most can be found through Google or barackobama.com. Try using "_ County Democratic Party" in your search, and your local party's headquarters should appear. I remember when I first posted here and I didn't know where to go... how things have changed :)

You may be nervous the first time that you start making calls. I know I was, but let assure you: "its not that bad, really!" Most of the calls range from boring (not answering/hanging up) to, well, weird (like the guy who told me he was going to write in Ron Paul...when there is no write-in line on our state's ballot!) If you need help, just ask.


Are you volunteering already? Lets get one friend, sympathetic co-worker, or family member to come out and help! If each of us current volunteers can convince ONE person to help out in the next few weeks, then we will truly have a volunteer "Obamarmy" that can ensure we keep our hold on the battleground states, win the close races, and make this election the landslide for Obama that it should be!

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