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Stop the presses! Obama is trouncing Romney in the 7-ELECTION poll 58-42

Can I repeat that?


In each of the three previous presidential elections, the poll has accurately predicted who will be the next U.S. President.  In fact in 2004 and in 2008, the Coffee Cup Poll was within 1% of the actual results.
7-Election: Coffee sales predict presidential winner

I actually posted a diary on this in 2008. This 7-ELECTION has been accurate in 2004 and 2008.

University of South Florida Professor of Political Science Dr. Susan MacManus says the sheer size of the net cast by the 7-Eleven poll may partly explain why it's been so accurate.

"You're getting the rural, the suburban and the urban vote and you're getting people of all income levels. But you're partially getting a large number of middle class voters, which of course are the bulk of the electorate," MacManus said.

Amazing state by state results after the jump....

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A sampling of states in the Obama column: (only 4 aren't)

Florida 54-46
South Carolina 52-48
Texas 58-42 (yes Obama is trouncing Romney in Texas)
Ohio 68-32 (68?!?)
Missouri 60-40 (Akin doesn't like coffee either)
Wisconsin 59-41
Pennsylvania - 55-45
Colorado 60-40
Virginia 57-43
Arizona 55-45
California 61-39
Indiana 52-48

And to be fair - there are 4 states that are favoring Romney now:

West Virginia 47-53
Idaho 44-56
New Hampshire 49-51
Vermont 49-51

Full state by state results can be found here:


3:33 PM PT: In other polling news it's Obama 50-45 LV, 50-44 RV for the NBC/WSJ Poll. :)

I'll take 50% anytime!

4:08 PM PT: Here's my 2008 diary on this:


Obama was 60-40 - haha.

2008 state results as of 10-31-2008:

Texas: O: 62, M 38

West Virginia: O: 52 M: 48

Florida: O 57, M 43

Pennsylvania: O 62, M 38

Kansas: O 58, M 42

Arizona: O 58, M 42

Missouri: O 65, M 35

California: O 64, M36

Ohio: O 70, M 30

Idaho: O 56, M 44

Virginia: O 62, M 38

District of Columbia: O 84, M 16

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