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Single dads.  Unwed Mothers.  A young hispanic 14 year old girl from the southside of San Antonio.  20 year old former homeless girl.  3 guys who sang on street corners.  Young black girl given a second chance to audition.  Brittany.  LA.  
What do they all have in common?  They all came what you called "the 47%" and you know what Mitt...you were wrong about every one of them!  


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You see mitt when you come from a low income background. When there might not
be food on the table. When life deals you a tough break.  When you're a single mother or a single father or if you're living on the streets and your family lost their home to the bank.  Maybe you lost your way to drugs or alcohol.  Or your dad left the house and never returned.  You might sing in the shower or in your bedroom to an old cd
player.  Maybe you're lucky and you get some help from a family member who sees that you're in need.  Or maybe you're just a young man or woman who wants a better life.
See mitt on the X Factor they let you on even if you never paid a penny in taxes in
your entire life because it doesn't take a house with elevators or a fancy horse or
even a big yacht...because everyone on X Factor has a dream..you know..a dream!
5 million dollars mitt.  Thats lunch money to your crowd.  5 million dollars mitt
could dramatically change one of these kid's lives.  It sure could change their entire
family's life.  Heck mitt...it might mean college for the son or daughter.  A decent home to raise the family.  Maybe mom can quit her job for $10 an hour.
See mitt...they're all part of the 47% of america you don't care about.  They're not
disposable.  They're not junk.  God doesn't make junk mitt.  But even though they might not pay a penny in taxes.  Even though they're unemployed. Down and out.
Homeless.  They don't have a car or transportation. They wonder where the next
meal is coming from.  They cry when things don't way they wanted. And they all
say the same thing "i want this more than anything else"!
And mitt...even though they're part of the 47% of america you abhor...Every
single one of them has a dream.  A dream to move up.  A dream to be somebody.
And even though you think they're worthless they are the giants of america.
Mitt...these kids have hope and drive and one of them will make it big.  Not because
mom or dad gave them the silver spoon.  But because they dreamed.  That's what
the 47% of america is about.  You will never know what its like.  You will never
feel that emotion.  Dreams.  They all have one!

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