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I love this election cycle.  LOVE IT!  

The GOP has finally gone so far to the right, so far off the rails, so far into post-apocalyptic handwringing that even GOPer extremists are beginning to publicly acknowledge that their long held pandering of the old white male Christian voter might not be a viable platform.

Lindsey Graham, despite his "moderate" assignation by complicit d-bags in the media, is a party line pro-Life, pro-wealth, pro-dereg, pro-tax cut, pro-no bid contracts for big donors...and when someone like Sen. Graham admits publicly that they are running out of "cranky old white guys"...maybe conservatives across the nation should stop and ask themselves if maybe they should try and add policy to their platform instead of sticking by the old platitudes and rhetoric aimed at making white guys cranky.

Tommy Thompson believes he's being hurt by Mitt...as do many other down ticket Rs who have never warmed to Mormon-guy.  Mitt is a clusterfuck unto himself.  He rarely misses an opportunity to expose himself as a political opportunist, elite douchbag, or callous businessman who is worried about him and his not We the People.

Sorry, Tommy Two-face...but Mitt and your state-mate Paul Ryan...aren't your problem.  You are.  Your message is.  Your party is.  Your party's message is the problem.  

"It's about the economy (stoopid)"...Tommy et al want Americans to believe.  Their answer to fix the economy?  "Vote for us. Blame them."

Not one of these potential congresspersons or President/VP will offer a single plan for fixing anything.  Need food?  Need a job?  Shit...just ask mom and dad for a loan you lazy freeloader.  Immigration?  Nothin.  Economy?  Nothin.  Environment?  Defund the EPA, dereg.  Business?  Dereg.  Tax code?  Cut taxes.  Budget?  Cut taxes and cut spending except defense spending.  Equal rights?  Fuck you.  

No new ideas.  Reagan worship.  Trickle down.  Tax cuts.  Dereg.  

The one "plan" they have run on?  The Ryan Budget which takes the previous paragraphs pts and lays out just what it is the GOP wants to do with the economy...and every nominee is running as far and as fast, away from 'wunderboy's' national austerity/wealthy gift package, as they can.  

GOP platform as is:  To the wealthy, we are ever your willing puppets, and pledge to increase your wealth by all means necessary.  To the rest of you...fuck off...except of course you fucking morons who believe we give a flying fuck about abortion or gay rights or guns or God.  We still need you...we don't like you, but we need you...to keep dragging your knuckles to the voting booth and voting against your economic interests so that we can oblige our masters with boondoggles the likes of which the world has never seen.

That is why you are losing Tommy.  That is why Paul Ryan, the budget guru who loves the wonkiness of budgets...except of course for the numbers, might lose two elections on the same day.  Your party's exposure as being anti-worker, anti-minority, anti-everything is why your party has taken a slam-dunk majority and turned it into a hang on by the seat of your pants election.  Your party's exposure as being completely in the pocket of the 1% is why you and your party might take a drubbing of epic scale on election day.  

The Wizard's power is nullified when the curtain falls away and exposes the fraud.  Your curtain fell away and you and your party have been exposed as phony.  Your one goal, "Make Obama a one term president" is your downfall.  The people see the obstruction and know who really deserves the blame.  You were given the benefit of the doubt by voters until election season because the people wanted to hear the specifics of how the GOP was going to rescue them and the nation from the evil socialist Muslim's reign of terror.  What the got wasn't what they expected.  They expected actionable ideas that help the unemployed and stimulate the stagnant wage.  Instead they got blatant racism, voter suppression, a relitigation of wedge issues, and the Ryan Budget which guts Medicare, cuts the taxes for the rich while raising taxes on everyone else, guts most domestic spending not aimed at the military, and returns the nation to the failed trickle down policy and the free market will police itself policy that made this grand recession possible in the first place.  Instead of plans they got "Blame Obama even more", blame the "welfare queens", blame the "baby killers" and socialists and gay rights brigade.  Apparently the majority of voters wants to start looking to the future, thinking long term, and to demand rather than hope.  Apparently "the darkie and the homo and the abortion doctor are coming...oh my" platform is no longer the infallible strategy it once was.  Apparently the majority actually believes in helping those who need help, believes that a strong middle class and not a strong elite class is what drives the economic engine of America, and believes that American exceptionalism shouldn't be a undeserved slogan but instead should be a goal to shoot for by lifting up our poor, educating our citizens, keeping our workforce healthy, and being builders and innovators rather than outsourcers and stock watchers.  

You and your party are losing because you're predominantly privileged white aristocrats trying to win in an increasingly poor multi-racial nation.

And I can't get enough of watching the train hurtle towards the "end of the line."


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Originally posted to Bill O Rights on Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 12:13 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.

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