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Well you know I wrote a diary about a week ago after I read State Senator John Marty's LTE in the Northeaster regarding this proposed voter ID amendment here.

I got only a few but very good responses including one from a commenter, Frank, who got me off my lazy ass and said "Senator Marty's done his part, now YOU write an LTE about the same thing". Or words to that effect haha.

Thanks Frank. I did. That felt good.


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Here's my LTE to the Star-Trib: whether they will actually call me or publish it, I have no idea. If they don't, I'll let the Pioneer Press have a crack at it.

Vote NO on voter ID

This proposed state constitutional amendment is a blatant disgusting attempt to disenfranchise Democratic voters rammed through via a Constitutional amendment by MN Republican legislators eager to bypass the traditional legislative process.

It would disenfranchise old folks, military troops, and students attending college in another state, as State Senator John Marty so eloquently stated in his letter to the Northeaster. I urge you to read it. Sept. 19 edition, page 7. (Link to that is in the original diary, thanks to Dbug.)

I don't know about you, but I don't want to see Grandma in a wheelchair have to leave the nursing home and go down and sit at the DMV for hours to get a state ID (when she's already voted for years and now needs it because she doesn't drive anymore).

I don't want to see our troops in Afghanistan not be able to vote absentee because you have to be here in person to show your ID.

And I don't want our college students going to school out of state to have to have the additional hassle of getting two sets of ID so they can vote here

This amendment is a travesty designed mainly to prevent African-American voters from voting. The presumption being that they won't be able to obtain the proper ID.

Your democracy is at risk. Vote for this at your peril. How good is YOUR ID?
You sure it will pass muster? Better go find out. Check Sec of State website. You can find out if you're eligible to vote with the ID you have. I urge you to do so.


Tnanks to Frank for giving me a much-needed kick in the butt to write this LTE and thanks a whole lot to Dbug for giving me the link to the Northeaster's PDF page.

Here's my original diary of a week ago:


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Originally posted to Rosebuddear on Sat Sep 22, 2012 at 04:59 PM PDT.

Also republished by Bending the Buzz.

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