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I'm just going to come right out and say it: Michele Bachmann is fucking dangerous.  Her homophobic and Islamaphobic rhetoric and her cruel voting record is hurting this country and she is one of the top teabaggers who is not only driving the GOP of the cliff of insanity but also driving our economy off the fiscal cliff.  She wants to get rid of Social Security and Medicare and give more tax breaks to the rich.  Her bat shit conspiracy theories about the gay agenda and Sharia law happening all over the country are laughable but you shouldn't laugh at her.  She either believes this shit or she knows how to sell it to the voters and she's good at getting the voters out for her.  That's what makes her so scary.  She brings out the worse in America.  This is certainly the worst congress ever but there is no one worst than Michele Bachmann.    

Now that I've gone through my mini-rant, I wanted you all to know that Salon acknowledged the Daily Kos and our grassroots efforts to help Bachmann's Democratic rival, Jim Graves out in fundraising.  Take a look here:


They noticed the ad that DKos used to get us riled up.  This particular ad is so disgusting that I think it should serve as a motivational tool to not only remind this community about why we need to give Nancy Pelosi the gavel again but also showcase to the voters what kind of bigots are running this country.  Here's the ad again:

Another great motivational tool is Matt Taibbi's article about Bachmann in Rolling Stone Magazine:


Now after you sit through this ad, watch the other Anti-Obama propaganda coming from Bachmann's YouTube page and read the awful comments.  Motivated enough to go out a vote on November 6th?  Good.  Motivated to donate to Jim Graves campaign?  Great!  Here's Graves ActBlue page:

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Getting rid of Michele Bachmann would send a huge message to the GOP that the American people will not stand for Bachmann's bigoted way of thinking.  They will not stand for the GOP's continued obstruction and it's plan to raise taxes on the middle class and doing away with Social Security and Medicare.  They will not stand for more tax breaks for the rich from the likes of Bachmann, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Jim DeMint, Joe Walsh, Allen West, Karl Rove, Charles Koch, David Koch and other GOP/Tea Party extremists.  They will not stand for this any more and the GOP needs to hear this loud and clear.  Bachmann needs to go, for sake of this nations sanity.


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