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Sue Myrick is a retiring Republican, in a fairly red NC-09 district, in and around Charlotte.  Many assume that the winner of the Republican primary - Robert Pittenger - will win this seat.  But as it's been pointed out by Kos, and some local polling, Jennifer Roberts is giving Pittenger and the Republicans a scare...   and rightfully so!

Jennifer is a recent Chair of the Mecklenburg County Commissioners and was well-respected by her peers in the local and county government, and the local business community.  She has shown a remarkable ability to work with everyone, in a straightforward and respectful way, and has demonstrated that she can make the tough calls that are sometimes needed.  

Meanwhile, Robert Pittenger has managed to irritate a decent number of local Republicans with his attack-dog tactics in the Republican primary against a popular former Sheriff, Jim Pendergraph.  Folks that didn't care much for Pittenger's antics include Hugh McColl, former BofA CEO, and a very well-liked and respected Charlottean, who has worked directly with Jennifer over the years and has now endorsed her for the seat.  The Mayor of Stallings, NC (a Charlotte suburb), Republican Lynda Paxton has also come out to endorse Jennifer, as she's worked with her in the past and was impressed with the way Jennifer listened, understood, and then did the right thing to address Stallings' issues.  

None of this is to say that Jennifer is "in", but the possibility is there.  Pat McCrory (R) will likely be a popular pick for NC Governor at the top of the state ticket.  But, Obama will do well here and so folks will be splitting their votes between parties.  And, as voters in the areas that are outside Charlotte get to see and hear her - particularly against "the generic Republican", which is what Pittenger is these days - people will see a clear and easy choice to select Jennifer Roberts to take Sue Myrick's old seat,

Good riddance to you Sue.  Your fearmongering won't be missed.  

And "Hello!" Jennifer Roberts!  We trust you'll work hard and bring some sanity to Washington, DC!          


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