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To my surprise, wonder and joy I have found a lot of new friends this campaign season! My hope is you will recognize some of the names among them!

One of the first new friends is Julian Castro, who wrote me on behalf of another mutual friend, Barack Obama. This fine mayor of San Antonio gave me an opportunity to contribute to an adventure Mr. Obama is embarked upon, following his speech at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte! Wow!

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Michael Langenmayr writes me on behalf of Democracy for America, as their political director. Many of their efforts seem devoted to getting out the vote this November (and before!). Mr. Langenmayr offered me the opportunity to make a contribution toward that effort, which I appreciated!

Jim Messina writes me on behalf of Barack Obama, as well, also offering opportunities to contribute to Mr. Obama’s fine campaign! Mr. Obama has a LOT of friends! Wonder if they’re all registered to vote? If so, I predict good things will happen this November.

Erin Hill writes me on behalf of ActBlue. We have not spoken by phone, and (at least so far - our correspondence has been a bit one-sided - she seems busy!) we have not met in person, either, but that does not mean we’re not connecting spiritually and emotionally. She makes inspiration contagious!

Stephanie Cutter, Juliana Smoot, Kal Penn and David Axelrod have also been writing me to solicit assistance with and/or contributions to Mr. Obama’s campaign. I attribute the lack of more personal engagement to their great commitment to Democratic morals and success, and I applaud that. I’m pretty sure our friendship will evolve more expeditiously following the election. Others writing me on behalf of President Obama are: Rufus Gifford, Marlon Marshall, Ann Marie Habershaw, Jen O’Malley Dillon, Gillian Bergeron and Jeremy Bird. Surely you know some of them? I can't be the only new friend they've made this season, can I? ::smile::

Kristina Powell writes me from DFA. She does not mention recent contact with Michael Langenmayr or Linsey Pecikonis, but as you know, it’s a small world, and I figure they have to be close colleagues, their messages on behalf of DFA resonate so similarly!

Other correspondents for DFA include: Gov. Howard Dean, Kaili Lambe, Nick Passanante and Jim Dean.

Cole Leystra, Russ Feingold, Rania Batrice and Josh Orton are writing me for Progressives United.

Alan Grayson emails me to solicit contributions for Alan Grayson’s  (FL-9) campaign.

Alixandria Lapp and Andy Stone write me about the House Majority PAC. Fingers crossed for a solid Democratic majority!

Anthony Kusch writes for Patrick Murphy, running against Allen West (FL-18).

Earl Pomeroy and Andy Zabel write for Heidi Heitkamp (ND-Sen), Emily Risch writes for Heidi and Pam Gulleson (ND-AL).

And then there are the biggies! Among my correspondents, now, are Barack Obama himself, his lovely wife, Michelle (They have invited me to dinner, all expenses paid!). Then there are Joe Biden, John Kerry and the Big Dog, himself, Bill Clinton! (Also Beyonce Knowles!) Most of the years of my life I cannot claim to have had much interaction with such luminaries, but now, we seem to correspond quite regularly! I’m clearing coming up in the world!

It’s a lot of friends, I know. Except for the biggies, I wouldn’t recognize them if I met them on the street.Yet, I know them to BE friends. I know them as fellow Democrats working hard to elect quality Democrats to represent us all. My very definition of a friend! I wish them all every success this November!

Have you made new friends this election season?

On to tonight’s comments!

From mrsgoo:

This comment by Dartagnan made me laugh!

(For context, it was posted in Jed Lewison's diary, entitled: GOP strategist: Success of auto bailout 'a kick in the balls' for Romney.)

From ozsea1:
Yet another great comment from FishOutofWater!!
From Charles CurtisStanley:
Kitsap River writes an insightful explanationof ... misconceptions and misrepresentations about dialysis.

(Ed. Note: This is a serious comment in a troll thread. I've never included one of those before in a Top Comments diary, but I second Charles CurtisStanley's recommendation in this case. _BeninSC)

From Dave in Northridge:
I'll be [traveling] when you publish this, but duha's crystal-clear response to Ministry of Truth's latest takedown of Mitt Romney, elitist was just too good to leave unnoticed.
My pick tonight:
This comment by JeffW tries to explain the Romney-phenomenon with geek-speak!
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