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The stench of desperation, that is. Just take a listen to this message she has just released on YouTube.


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I have taken the time to transcribe the entire video for anyone who bleeds from the ears when they hear this woman speak.

Hi, this is Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my important message. I'm going to incredible lengths to ensure you hear this message directly from me today. Because within just days until our most important fundraising deadline of the campaign, and only a few weeks until Election Day, I need you more than ever to respond to this email right away.

The stakes this November are unbelievably high. I don't think I need to tell you...should the Obama-Democrats defeat me and take over the house the consequences to our nation would be dire and nearly impossible to reverse. I'm fighting with every scrap of energy I have left to win this election, but I can't succeed without an equally strong, personal commitment from supporters just like you. So that's why I'm asking you personally - would you please scroll down and make an immediate gift of $50 to my campaign?  I know it's a lot of money to ask right now, but the stakes are so high.

As of now, we're still $134,000 short of what we need over the next few days. I hope you know that I wouldn't ask if it wasn't so important. But my opponent and the national Democratic attack machine are on full gear, they're on the war path now against me. They have launched what will be a multi-million dollar negative TV campaign of lies and distortions. And with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama calling the shots...well you can bet they will not let the truth or facts get in the way of their negative non-stop attacks against me.

Friend, I wish I could tell you their money and dishonest attacks weren't making a dent in this campaig. But the truth is this will be the toughest race you and I have ever faced and we can't afford to lose one single iota of our momentum in the final weeks of this race. That's why I'm counting on you personally. Would you scroll down and make a $50 contribution today? Or whatever you can afford. I need you to do this right away because time is of the essence. I can't begin to match my opponent's personal wealth, or, as you know, Nancy Pelosi's political war chest...let alone the SuperPAC's that have made me their #1 target for defeat, but with the help of supporters like you - my very most important friends, I do have a fighting chance. Thank you again for your prayers, thank you for your support throughout this grueling campaign. My husband Marcus and I have truly appreciated them!

Oh what a brave little toaster she is. Fighting those huge Democratic SuperPAC's armed with only her personal lord and savior, her hatred of us commies, and of course your $50.

The emphasized bit up there was particularly galling to me. Michele Bachmann accusing anyone of not letting the truth or facts get in the way. Really? I could turn this into one of the longest diaries ever seen on Daily Kos by citing her litany of lies and distortions.

There are few people in congress that I would love to see sent packing more than Michele Bachmann and that is truly saying something. I'm inspired to do a little donating of my own. I just sent $50 to the Jim Graves campaign. I hope anyone who can afford to do likewise will send him some support too. Let's give her the boot.


In comments, mconvente made an important observation:

Wow, this is unheard of.

When has Michele Bachmann ever done anything of this sort?  Hell, her seat used to be so safe that she wouldn't even debate her Democratic challenger.  She honestly sounds desperate.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't her district redrawn in a way that makes it much closer to even split, as compared to a red district in the past?

I'm gonna kick some cash to Jim Graves ($50), so if you feel like you can't afford it, no worries I got you covered.

This is important. Remember her condescension towards her opponent Elwin Tinklenberg in 2008? I do. She got very nervous as the race drew closer and he started to gain momentum. She is vulnerable again and I think we can help push come to shove this time.

Thanks mcconvente.

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