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Attention (Democratic Party-supporting) Shoppers:

Goal Thermometer

For 72-hours, from 11pm (US-ET) Thursday evening (27 Sep) until Sunday at 11pm, I am providing a 25% match on all of your donations (up to a maximum of $400) on my ActBlue fundraising page. You pick the candidate(s) of your choice from my list and donate what you can. On Sunday night, I'll connect at 11:00pm (US-EDT) and bump the number donated today by 25%.

So your $40 donation becomes $50, and so on, right on up to an aggregate of $1,200 $1,600 contributed by the communal "you" over the next 72-hours 28-hours. We started on Thursday night at $4,013 in the pool (and right now, the total is up to $6,304!), so let's see if we can hit $6,013 by Sunday night so we have already reached my maximum $400 match ceiling (yay!).

I began this humble fundraising page a couple of months ago in hopes of making it to $2,500. But through contributions from folks like you, it's now reached beyond $4,000 and climbing. Now, my objective is to reach beyond $5,000 $7,000 raised for some great Democrats before the Federal Elections Commission reporting deadline at the end of this month, and a stretch goal of reaching $10,000 before Election Day.

With my matching funds tomorrow night, we're guaranteed to at least go beyond $6,700. But now can you help push the total above $7,000 or (dare I say it?) $7,500 before the FEC reporting window closes tomorrow night?

Not only can you donate to President Obama on this page, but you can give to any of three dozen 39 outstanding Democratic candidates for US Senate and US House seats (detailed list of candidates below the orange croissant).

So far, the response from Kossacks has been both incredibly generous and enthusiastic. This is the last FEC reporting quarter of the election season; let's make it a great one for the President and candidates around the nation so that they can take the fight to their GOP opponents in the final weeks of this campaign!

Thank you in advance for your generous support - now let's help elect some great Democrats!

[Note: This is the 2nd re-posting of the original diary for this "Matching Donations" offer. Here are the links to the original diary and the first re-post.]


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So Who's Who on my ActBlue fundraising page? Here's my list of some great Democratic candidates who can help keep the Senate BLUE and help retake the House as well!

+ Barack Obama

U.S. Senate
+ Elizabeth Warren - MA
+ Tammy Baldwin - WI
+ Chris Murphy - CT
+ Tim Kaine - VA
+ Claire McCaskill - MO
+ Sherrod Brown - OH
+ Mazie Hirono - HI
+ Richard Carmona - AZ
+ Martin Heinrich - NM
+ Heidi Heitkamp - ND
+ Bill Nelson - FL
+ Debbie Stabenow - MI
+ Kirsten Gillibrand - NY
+ Maria Cantwell - WA
+ Bob Kerrey - NE
+ Jon Tester - MT
+ Shelley Berkley - NV
+ Joe Donnelly - IN
+ Amy Klobuchar - MN
+ Sheldon Whitehouse - RI
+ Bernie Sanders - VT

U.S. House of Representatives
+ Niki Tsongas - MA-03 (my Representative!)
+ Annie Kuster - NH-02
+ Carol Shea-Porter - NH-01
+ Rob Zerban - WI-01 (running to completely "de-seat" Paul Ryan!)
+ Dan Maffei - NY-24
+ Ami Bera - CA-07
+ Jose Hernandez - CA-10
+ Jerry McNerney - CA-09
+ Jerry Tetalman - CA-49
+ Suzan DelBene - WA-01
+ Joe Garcia - FL-26
+ Alan Grayson - FL-09
+ Patrick Murphy - FL-18 (let's help Murphy politically "neuter" Allen West!)
+ Manan Trivedi - PA-06
+ Christie Vilsack - IA-04
+ Michelle Lujan-Grisham - NM-01
+ Sue Thorn - WV01
+ Tim Walz - MN-01

Committees and Organizations
+ Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
+ Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
+ Democratic National Committee (DNC)
+ Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
+ Democracy For America Strategic Fund (DFA)

[Note 100% of all funds donated via ActBlue go directly to the candidate(s) campaign(s). ActBlue is a secure site that respects your personal privacy and since 2004 has raised over $300 million for Democrats and Progressive causes. When you give, you can also choose to leave ActBlue a 'tip' for their work in raising money to elect more and better Democrats.]

8:38 PM PT: 11:30pm Update: What a great 24-hours of fundraising this has been! Since 11pm last night, we've raised $2,260 for some great Democrats on the fundraising page; and $3,066 since we got started back on Thursday night. The overall total on the page is now at $7,079 and I really think we have an outside shot at $10K by Election Day!

We still have 24 more hours to go, so I'm hoping we can keep on climbing right on past $7,500 before then. If you have some turkee that you'd like to provide to some great Democrat(s) so that they can fight the fight down to Election Day, check out the fundraising page and choose to whom you'd like to give and just how much. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL and all contributions are most welcome.

DailyKos campaign contributors ROCK! My most sincere thanks to all of you who have contributed so far!

Sun Sep 30, 2012 at  8:06 AM PT: 11am update - with just twelve hours to go, the total is now at $7,279. Can you help push it over the $7,500 mark by the end of the day? Thanks!

Sun Sep 30, 2012 at  5:03 PM PT: 8pm US-ET update -- This will be my last update before the 11pm toting up and reporting what we raised for Democrats this weekend. As of right now, the total stands at $7,587, meaning we've raised $3,504 for some GREAT DEMOCRATS this weekend!

You Kossacks have completely blown me away with the way you've dug in and provided what you can to help some Dems push things over the top in their races. I am humbled and sincerely thankful.

But there are THREE HOURS LEFT! So if you would like to throw some turkee these Democrats' way, visit the website and join in the fun! Thank you.

Sun Sep 30, 2012 at  9:32 PM PT: Just a short update to say "Thank you!" to everyone out there who contributed.

We finished the 3rd quarter with $8,650 raised for some fantastic Democratic candidates -- or $4,637 raised in 72-hours from Thursday night till tonight.

And here are the top-10 candidate funding levels on the page from inception through Q3:

1) Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen) - $1,127

2) Pres. Barack Obama - $1,053

3) Tammy Baldwin (WI-Sen) - $500

4) Mazie Hirono (HI-Sen) - $476

5) Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO) - $450

6) Rob Zerban (WI-01st CD) - $304

7 Patrick Murphy (FL-18th CD) - $246

8) Cong. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-02nd CD) - $245

9) Chris Murphy (CT-Sen) - $240

10) Tim Kaine (VA-Sen) $208

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to frisco on Sat Sep 29, 2012 at 04:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by These Green Mountains.

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