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Incumbent U.S. Senator, Bob Casey Jr. (D. PA) has noticed that the polls between him and his Tea Party opponent, Tom Smith (R) are tightening and his huge lead is down between 10 to 6 points.  


Casey, a former state auditor general and former state treasurer with four statewide victories under his belt, has been outspent by the political newcomer.

The Casey camp, monitoring its opponent's ad buys, says Smith has spent $4.2 million on commercials since the April Republican primary, in which he outspent several GOP rivals. - Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/30/12

Now I still believe that Casey can win but it's great to know that he is taking noticed of both the polls and Smith's large ad buy.  So how will the Casey campaign fight back?  Read on:
Casey, with "limited resources," has been hoarding much of his campaign cash for the final weeks of the contest and has spent $1.5 million on TV to date, his campaign manager, Larry Smar, said.

Casey started running TV ads in Philadelphia only on Friday. Until then, Smar said, the candidate hadn't spent a nickel in the state's largest TV market. He now hopes to blunt any further Smith gains.

"Smith has been saying for a long time that this is going to be a $20 million race," Smar said. "He has made clear that he is going to keep dumping money into it."

Smar said Casey had been keeping up with Smith in the Pittsburgh TV market, where ad rates are less expensive. - Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/30/12

This race has been a sleeper race for a long time now but Smith's huge ad buy has helped tighten the race.  High Democratic turnout in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will be essential to both President Obama and Senator Casey's re-election prospects in the Keystone state.  Especially since Democrats outnumber Republicans in Pennsylvania.  Casey is a smart campaigner and has run successful races in the past.  He doesn't anticipate winning his re-election big as big of margin he did back in 2006 when he outed Republican Senator Rick "Man On Dog" Santorum:
Casey, in an interview last week, said Pennsylvania political history had taught him to expect the race would tighten.

He beat incumbent Republican Rick Santorum by more than 17 points, 58.7 to 41.3 percent, in 2006. But Senate races in the state are often in the "52 to 48 range," he said.

Casey's aides said the new polling data simply may show some Republican voters learning about Smith and declaring they'll vote for their nominee.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state, 4.2 million to 3.1 million.

"It's still pretty early and we've got a long way to go before Election Day," Casey said. "I have seen races in our state that have changed very quickly and you've got to be ready for change." - Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/30/12

Well said Senator Casey.  Casey has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO and the League Of Conservation:


“Bob Casey understands that when we invest in a clean energy economy, we are investing in American workers in Pennsylvania and across the country.  He’s earned one of the highest scores of any Senator on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard, and his record speaks for itself. LCV Action Fund is proud to endorse Bob Casey for reelection,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski.

“Senator Casey’s votes to protect clean air and clean water have already had a real impact on the health of Pennsylvanians and our children,” said Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Executive Director Josh McNeil.  “We need Senator Casey to protect our well-being in the Senate and hope that other local lawmakers will follow his example.”

Since being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006, Senator Casey has amassed a strong environmental voting record. He has supported increased federal investments in clean energy to help end our country’s dangerous dependence on oil, and recently voted to uphold safeguards protecting families from mercury pollution spewing from power plants. Senator Casey also opposes taxpayer-funded giveaways to Big Oil and favors investments in the clean energy sector to create jobs here at home. - LCV Action Fund, 7/20/12

Casey has a terrific record that opposes unfair trade deals and supports the middle class.  Here's a great ad courtesy of the AFL-CIO and the Casey campaign:

Casey is also a supporter of the Second Bill of Rights:


Tom Smith is a wealthy coal baron and had proudly bragged about being a teabagger.  He is backed by both FreedomWorks and the Tea Party Express.  Smith supports privatizing Social Security, dismantling medicare and more tax breaks for the wealthy.  You can learn more here:


And here:

And of course this classic bit:

It's very possible that GOP Governor, Tom Corbett and his Republican cronies voter ID laws may be blocked:


But I urge any of you in Pennsylvania to be prepared for anything.  High Democratic voter turnout is essential to winning Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania already has one union-busting, anti-environment, Wall Street crony in the Senate.  His name is Pat Toomey and imagine the horrible damage Toomey and Smith could do to the hardworking people of Pennsylvania.  Lets keep the Senate blue and keep a strong voice for organized labor in the U.S. Senate.  Here's Casey's ActBlue page:



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