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The path to victory at the electoral college is narrowing for President Obama. All the legitimate polls are saying so. The economy continues to be the President's achilles heel. His supposed strengths in foreign policy have proven a mirage as it was apparent he could have killed Osama bin Laden even earlier, perhaps as early as halfway through the second Bush administration. His association with Islam is becoming more evident, as is his lack of patriotism or love for America.

But the President's clever use of making half of America dependent on the Government, at the expense of defense spending, has clearly given him an unfair electoral advantage.

How then might he still lose this election? In ten easy steps. Read them below the fold.


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1. Declares opposition to legalized gambling at Clark County Rally on October 2.

2. At a Canton, Ohio high school on October 8th, comes out in favor of Art Modell's enshrinement in Pro Football Hall of Fame.

3. At October 16 debate at Hofstra University, reveals student loan program proceeds will go to National Dressage Foundation instead of new student loans.

4. At airport stopover in Manchester New Hampshire, explains that Obamacare will not be extended to include The Old Man of the Mountain.

5. In Denver for a town hall meeting October 20th, opines that John Elway was overrated.

6. At whistlestop in Ottumwa, Iowa, suggests that he's had better corn dogs in other states.

7. In Florida on Halloween, dresses up like a Death Panel Bureaucrat to ring doorbells of seniors at a Boca Raton retirement village.

8. The day before the election, moves to a bachelor apartment in Arlington and files for divorce from Michele.

9. On election eve, in Nebraska's second Congressional District, claims the character of Tracy Flick in the movie Election was based on him.

10. Everybody reading this and supporting the President is complacent about the apparent current lead and doesn't bust ass trying to get out the vote, contribute, persuade, fight voter suppression efforts, and doing whatever they can whenever they can do it to win and roll up the margins to an inarguable mandate.

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The President could only lose by:

5%4 votes
85%65 votes
9%7 votes

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