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     For those of you who have been following our saga - it is about to get interesting. For 11 1/2 years - we have been trying to put the final nails in the politico coffin of Mitt Romney and his cohorts. America has come to know him as a Presidential wannabe. I simply know him as a crooked bastard who owns his own federal prosecutor.

     Recently - Matt Taibbi nailed some of the facts of "post" February 1999 Mitt Romney. Those particular issues that Pitten's wishes to "retroactively" resign from - prior to August 2001. I've been asking the same logical question - over and over again.

Could Al Capone simply "retroactively" resign from his organized criminal empire?

Is is proper to permit Frank Nitti the ability to testify and exonerate him
                       by simply saying ;


        It's not easy, to try to bring down a man so rich, powerful & crooked - that Billionaires like Adelson and others will contribute tens of millions and even maybe a hundred million each - to get Mitt Romney in charge of America. Where he can then hand pick his very own Attorney General of the United States.

                Below the fold - I give you what we have accomplished thus far...

                                           "He wasn't 'technically' there at that time"


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Building the Prosecution case against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for felony violations.

In 2001 - Bain Capital acquired the federal estate by Fraud

Confessions of skullduggery in 2001 eToys case - already a matter of record

But corrupt "Dealaware" federal rogues
(seditious to their Oath of Office) - give Traub and www.mnat.com a slap on wrist
and this leads to more bad faith dealings
(after all - if you can steal and not get punished - why stop)
Now that people realize Romney may not get in -
People are starting to distance themselves from the issues

NOTE: UpDATE by law firm Epstein Becker and Green in Law.com article

Esptein Becker said in a statement to The Am Law Daily that the suit filed by Kelley has no bearing on the firm.

"Paul Traub worked within our corporate services practice on a contractual basis for less than a year and a half before moving to Gordon Brothers," said Epstein Becker spokeswoman Marichelli Hughes. "The allegations recently made against Traub took place long before he joined [the firm]."

Paul Traub then becomes partners with fraudster/ schemers
Marc Dreier is doing 20 years in prison and Tom Petters is doing 50 years
But Paul Traub is Romney's/ Bain Capital buddy - he gets Polaroid for FREE


Now - the courts that had been previously been duped -
are "RE"-opening the closed cases of eToys
And Matt Taibbi reported on part of the Romney/ Bain Capital Truth Story

"Greed and Debt" The Truth about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital
Details the cases we made note of (Stage Stores and Kay Bee Toys frauds)

All of which is compounded further, by the fact that

MoveOn.org has petitioned the Department of Justice

to look into issues of Felony
- why Mitt Romney is lying about leaving Bain Capital in February 1999

                         when - in fact - he was CEO until (at least) August 2001.


Stay Tuned - I'm not done


    Take NOTE: Rmuse writes for PoliticusUSA.com

                "Was Mitt Romney Running His Own Bankruptcy Ring"

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 09:59 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files.


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