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My observations on the current nation-wide voter registration fraud allegations centering on Florida, Colorado, North Carolina and California as a past election judge and leader of voter registration drives in my Texas county.

PS: This is my first post at DailyKos. Longtime lurker but too shy to post before. Please pardon the shortness of this post.

If in some of the nationwide voter registration fraud cases, people have been re-registered to vote at fake addresses and with changed party affiliations, this could be a major issue on election day as those voters go to vote on election day and find they are no longer registered.

Major dirty tricks if this is being done in large numbers and not just isolated cases.

That means if done in states that require photo ID or other forms of ID, the ID won’t match the voter registration. In fact, many people won’t even receive their revised voter registration cards if they were mailed to new, fake addresses or addresses where that voter never lived. The new registration cards sent to fake addresses will probably be returned as undeliverable by the postal service and the people will be removed from the voter rolls.

And the real voters show up on election day and not be able to vote and not even knowing why they have been purged from the voter rolls.

Bradlog.com has been leading the fight on digging out the details on this story at:

Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens

“Right now, given the addresses changed on existing voter records to places like Shell stations and Land Rover dealers, as is the case in Palm Beach County, Election Supervisor Susan Bucher told us she's very worried that an unknown number of voters may find themselves disenfranchised when they go to vote on November 6, only to find that they are no longer registered at the precinct where they have voted for years.

Bucher told us on Friday night that she and her staff are madly working through some "37,000 plus address changes”


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6:51 PM PT: Serious investigations may be in the making.

According to Main Justice at:


"As the fight over voter identification laws continues to rage across the country, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee is asking for more information from the head of the firm recently ousted by the Republican National Committee over allegations of voter registration fraud.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) sent a letter to the head of a GOP consulting firm that was booted by the RNC last week, requesting documents and a transcribed interviews related to new allegations of irregularities with the firm’s voter registration activities in up to 10 Florida counties."

Tue Oct 02, 2012 at  6:19 PM PT: West Palm Beach Florida TV station WPBF has a great video update but the video can't be embedded here.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office Susan Bucher's office is preparing to notify 20,000 Palm Beach County voters whose voter registration may have been changed by a third-party company.

Read more at:


Tue Oct 02, 2012 at  6:28 PM PT: Plus BradBlog.com has an update on the tactics used by the GOP consulting firm. Hint: The hired paid voter registrants said they were surveying voters as to which way they were going to vote and only registering those voters who were GOP positive. If you have seen the video of the young woman registering voters in Colorado on MSNBC or YouTube, you would understand the tactic.


"National Republican Voter Registration Strategy Includes Lying to Potential Voters About 'Taking a Poll' in Order to Screen Out Obama Supporters"


This is highly questionable and possibly illegal voter registration technique in most states.

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