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Although Raw Story claims that he said he "Won't Vote for Obama Again" - I didn't actually here him say that in this clip.

“I’m just disappointed,” he said. “I had really high hopes and high expectations and was really inspired by President Obama, and I still am. I mean, he’s an amazing speaker. Um, I just found his — in my opinion — uh, his administration ineffective. A lot of promises, but no real delivery.”

Stapp did not go so far as to endorse Obama’s opponent, former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), but said that “What Romney’s offering” is “what’s important right now” to him, and that Romney needs to lay out his plan “so that the American people can understand it.”

“My heart and soul,” he continued, “would really love for someone like Reagan or FDR to come back and give us a new deal. Be bold, be committed. Don’t care what anybody thinks.”

“The decision thing,” suggested Doocy.

“Yeah, man, when you tear down that wall and do it,” Stapp said. “We gotta look at, in my opinion, we’ve got to look at our situations, uh, like that, and I just, uh, hope that in these debates tonight, we see someone do that.

This whole thing disappoints me and annoys me on a few levels. Details over the flip.

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Stapp should takes some lessons from his own life.  I mean Look at Him.  He looks like he's 20 years older than he actually is, and diseased.  His main claim to fame is being the singer of a Neo-Christian Rock band from the 90's that, like President Obama, has put forward very inspirational and uplifting messages - very hopeful - however when it comes to actually delivering on those ideals in his own life, Stapp has fallen far, far short.

For example Scott Stapp Gets Drunk Sued.

What's more pitiful than getting arrested for throwing an Orangina bottle at your wife? Being so wasted that you forget the words to all your songs in front of thousands of fans. That's what happened when former Creed front man Scott Stapp hit the bottle too hard before hitting the stage at a Chicago concert. Though Stapp remarked that his performance was a "symbolic, personal gesture" that had nothing to do with alcohol, guitarist Mark Tremonti remembers the singer "staggering, slurring his words" and holding a half-drunk bottle of Jack Daniels 15 minutes before taking the stage. The gig was so bad that the band was later sued by four fans, though the charges were dismissed.
Or this Scott Stapp Drunk Poker Dumbass

And then there was the time he got Knocked Out in a Drunken Brawl with members of the band 311.

And people thought this kind of thing was supposed to fade away with 80's Rock Bands like Motley Crue and Poison?  Not so much.

I don't bring this up to denigrate Scott, I'm a partial fan, I like their upbeat songs like "What If", I like most of the messages they tried put forward in thier songs at least in theory, Mark Tremonti has great tone - but their cloying neo-evangelic fans and their smarm ladden ballads bug the crap out of me. But this isn't a musical review. (If I wanted to talk about a genuinely inspiration 90's Neo-Christian Rock Band - I'd talk about King's X!! - who, in full disclosure, I've known personally for almost 20 Years)  The point is that of all people Scott should better recognize the vast chasm that exists between ones Hopes and Ideals, and the practical realities on the ground in and ones own life, let alone in the Country and World as a whole.

Scott should realize that Reagan didn't take down the wall - it was German Music Fans of Springsteen, Pink Floyd and Micheal Jackson who did it.  He should know better, because he himself has tried to be the leader that he's complaining that Obama hasn't been.

He himself has admitted that he has written many of his songs not about the person he is, but about the person he aspires to be just as Bono has done.  If he can fall as far short of his aspirations as he has, how can he fault Obama for not yet getting to the mountain top so easily?  He of all people should know that yes, it does take more than just apirations alone. Much more.

In his own case Scott is just dealing with himself and his own demons of neglect and abuse - Obama is dealing with the GOP's demons of fear, paranoia and delusion. He should appreciate that making yourself better is difficult, that making a Country better will take a Fracking Miracle.

Even now, I still have Hope in that Miracle.  Someday.

But what's important to recognize is what's really happening here and why Fox and Friends decided to have him on in the first place.  

This is a Shot Across the Bow for Young Evangelicals in Florida - which is where Creed is based.

Steve Doocy even mentions Florida as Scott pronouces his doubts and disappointments.  Clearly, Stapp is being used to continue to spread the GOP Meme that "Obama has Let America Down".

He promised too much.  He was Too Inspiring.  Too Grandious.  Too Ambitious, because - ambition is now a "bad thing" to the "We Built It" crowd.

Truth is Scott isn't saying anything here we haven't heard from Matt Damon.

"I've talked to a lot of people who worked for Obama at the grassroots level. One of them said to me, 'Never again. I will never be fooled again by a politician,'" Damon tells the magazine. "You know, a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better."

Referring to the Occupy Wall Street movement, Damon continued: "If the Democrats think that they didn't have a mandate -- people are literally without any focus or leadership, just wandering out into the streets to yell right now because they are so pissed off ... Imagine if they had a leader."

IMO "A One Term President With Balls" would be Jimmy Carter who got everything he was doing Erased almost immediately.  No more improved CAFE standards and movement toward Energy Conservation,  Solar Panels on the Roof of the White House, or Mid-East Peace Deals with Reagan in Office.  Nope. Not a chance.

From Reagan we got Iran-Contra, Star Wars and Jack Kemp's Voodoo Economics.

Yet the fact is, Stapp isn't saying anything I didn't hear right here on Dailykos two years ago - particularly when Obama extended the Bush Tax Cuts in exchange for extending Unemployment Benefits and the Payroll Tax Cut and the Public Option Vanished (Ok, Changed, er, whatever...)

That was then, this is now.

Now we're just a few weeks from the Election.  Now we have an imminent Choice before us of giving Obama another chance to Finish and Improve on What he Started (which will require giving him a Congress he Can Work With) OR we can hand over the keys to the financial candy store to the guy who will Binge and Purge the Country right back into a Full-On Double-Dip New Depression.

Just like the Savings and Loan Crash under H.W. Bush, and the TWO crashed we had under W. Bush.  With Romney in the White House we will Crash again.  The Wall Streeters will Pig Out on inflated profits until they Puke Blood all over the Countries Economy. It's Guaranteed. History will repeat itself.

If Scott Stapp, other disappointed disaffected Independents or Occupiers who believed in "Hope and Change" in 2008, but now think they got short-changed by the Affordable Care Act, Fair Pay Act, Repeal of DADT, Pulling out of the Nose-Dive of the Great Recession, Rescue of the U.S. Auto Industry, Cleaning up the BP Spill, Ending the Iraq War, the Death of Bin Laden, the Death of Quaddafi, The Arab Spring, START II Nuclearn Disarmament Treaty, Free Contraceptive Coverage, Free Cancer Screenings and Preventive Coverage, Closing the Prescription Drug Donut Hole, Creation of 4 Million Jobs including 400,000 in Manufacturing, Credit Card Reform & Banking Reform via Dodd-Frank, and the Wall Street Task Force (who just sued JPMorgan Chase)  - are expecting Romney to give them "the Plan" on how he's going to make things better than all that they're in for a serious shock.

They're gonna have a long, long wait on their hands because Romney doesn't have a plan.

He just has a Fantasy.  That you can Double-Down on Trickle-Down and the Country will grow itself out of $1.3 Trillion Deficit even though trying this before has only done one thing.

Take a Power Saw to the Social Safety Net and Make the Deficit Bigger, period.

If they think Romney is going to pull back on Drone Strikes, Close Gitmo, Repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force, NOT TORTURE or implement either Single Payer or a Public Option - they're Fracking Dreaming.  

The Real Romney/Ryan Plan is really to Repeal and Undo all of what Obama has done, and what Johnson did and what FDR did. To Reverse all the progress Obama has made so far plus end the Great Society.  End the New Deal.  Take us back to the Guilded Ayn Randian Age of Robber Barons.  Everything, everything, from quality schools to quality police and fireprotection will go only to the highest bidder or lowest contractor.  

They call it "Free Enterprise" - I call it Corporate Feudalism. "I got Mine, so FUCK YOU if you and the other 47% or 98%, didn't get yours yet - the Inn Is Closed!."

I expect the President to make this point abundantly clear tomorrow, maybe Matt and Scott (and their Millions of fans) will be listening.  Obama isn't perfect, he isn't Dumbledore with the Elder Wand, we all have some issues with some of his policies, but what he needs is US to push Congress in the right direction not toss him from the Train. This choice and this battle isn't about a single President, it's a Generational battle.  Republicans have long known that, while Democrats have been slow to get into the game.

Romney and the Republicans aren't the answer, They're the Problem.


2:26 PM PT: Just for the record Creed is not "Washed Up" they are about to head out to Indonesia on another leg of the tour for their last album "Full Circle' which came out in 2009 and did this on the Billboard Charts.

Full Circle    The Billboard 200    #2

2009     Full Circle    Top Canadian Albums    #8

2009     Full Circle    Top Digital Albums    #2

2009     Full Circle    Top Hard Rock Albums    #1

2009     Full Circle    Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums    #1

2009     Full Circle    Top Rock Albums    #1
That's not what I call "Has Been". It did better than their Greatest Hits CD which came out the same year which sold 110,000 copies in it's first week of released and was certified a "Gold Record" by the RIAA.  "Washed Up" bands don't hit #2 on the Billboard Top 200.  My point in bringing this up, and also the reason "Fox and Friends" had him on the show is the fact that he still has the voice of many devout Evangelicals listening to him, even if a many of the rests of us would rather dismiss him, and them for their musical taste - or lack thereof. They know people listen to him, even if we don't like or respect a lot of those people, and that they can still vote.

So I had to take him down.  Just like I've repeated taken down Terrible Ted.


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