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We came, we drank, we ruled The Three Monkeys!

Come down below the baroque bagel to see the party, and the partiers! All photography by ask - thank you!!!!!
(Warning: photo-heavy diary)


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plf515 and avadoria begin the evening with some genteel chat and some Delirium Tremens (that's beer!)
10/1/12, belinda ridgewood
...while belinda ridgewood begins with a Guiness.
10/1/12, It's the Supreme Court, Stupid
It's the Supreme Court, Stupid enjoys an exotic brew in an impressive glass.
10/1/12, Jawina
we met some newcomers to the NYC meetup scene, like Jawina...
10/1/12, Dumas EagerSeton, PsiFighter37
...and Dumas EagerSeton (left), and welcomed back some long-lost friends, like PsiFighter37...
10/1/12, Laura Clawson
...and Laura Clawson.
10/1/12, Ian Reifowitz
Ian Reifowitz kindly autographed my copy of his book (not to be confused with that other horrible book with the same title)!
10/1/12, ian reifowitz, belinda ridgewood
..and then did some partying with belinda ridgewood.
10/1/12, Jeff
we met some non-Kossacks - this is Ian's friend, Jeff
10/1/12, Bob
and Jeff's dad, Bob - a major fan of the site, even though he's not registered.
10/1/12, erics, casperr, &nbsp;Arjun Jaikumar
Arjun Jaikumar (formerly brownsox, right) and casperr (center) converse with erics (left), a visiting SF Kossack, and a delightful surprise guest!
10/1/12, mattc129, Glinda
Glinda (right) is back, and mattc129 (right) looks glad that she's there.
10/1/12, joshinnyc, mattc129
joshinnyc (formerly proudprogressiveca - he gets around!) and mattc129. If matt looks familiar, you might be confusing him with his brother, who attended our previous meetup.
10/1/12, Arjun Jaikumar, It's the Supreme Court, Stupid
Arjun and ITSCS listen attentively to Miss Laura...
as the evening wore on, things got livelier:
10/1/12, MBNYC, avadoria, casperr
avadoria and casperr have MBNYC on his best behavior
10/1/12, avadoria, kathny, Cherry the Tart
avadoria, kathny and Cherry the Tart share a laugh
and rowdier:
10/1/12, kathny, Jawina
kathny and Jawina go dancing cheek to cheek (well, if you don't count that table between them),...
10/1/12, Jawina, ask, plf515
...and Jawina, ask, and plf515 go wild!
10/1/12, buffie
Thanks to ask's creative lighting, a couple of us became women of mystery: here's buffie...
10/1/12, sidnora
and the other one was me!
10/1/12 table
a fine time was had by all...
and next time, we expect to see you, too!
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