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I need to ask a favor from the community.  My ex husband died Sunday and he was a Vet although he did not serve in Nam.  His wife preceded him in death and had cancer.
This pretty much depleted any and all assets he had.   She died from brain cancer.  This is  MY son's Daddy.  I found out last night he has been on ice for 4 days and his 80 year old Aunt and one brother is scrambling for cremation money.

 My son is not doing well in all of this as we have nothing to contribute to his cremation.   My son has been out of work a long time.

Father and son in 1969.   My, we were just kids.  Our son was just 3 months old in that pic.

 No one can find his DD214 and I will have to send for it I guess.  He had a massive heart attack Sunday morning.  My son will eventually get the Flag but the headstone will probably be out until I get that DD214.  My son was ..correction our son is the only child he actually had. .  As it stands......My son is his living heir. My tears are really flowing over this situation.  Here is my UVA site.   They say he adopted his granddaughter from his last marriage but I don't know.   I have talked to family members and since the wife is gone things are kind of a mess.  He was 62 years old and had worked all his life to lose a job a couple of months ago and was basically living with that young granddaughter and her husband.   They had no memorial.  They had no service.  Nothing.  

Here is my link... Please give what you can so I can send his brother and that old Aunt some money to take care of final expenses for my child's Daddy.  I never though I would shed a tear.  I never thought I would concern myself so much but when you see your child in pain and think back of some of the good times.. It weighs heavy.  i will be in and out as I try to borrow some money today to help with expenses but I can't really think straight as this just adds extra stress and depression on me and Jack.  My son lives with us and I really am hurt and never in a million years thought I cared a lick.  That was a bond.  Guess you can't stay married over 5 years and have a youngin and not feel some pain.  First Love and childhood sweetheart.  

 Jack encouraged me to do the memorial for him on FB.

I held a memorial of sorts on Facebook for him
My link if you are interested.  https://www.facebook.com/...

Thank you.  I will edit this post with a pic of my son when he was a baby and his Daddy holding him.  it is also on Facebook.  Rick lost his house back in 2010 when June his wife was diagnosed with cancer.  I talked to her up until she died.  Slow death..No insurance.   They hit rock bottom and that cancer and job loss just wiped them out and I guess, in some ways killed him.  Broken wallets and hearts will do that.


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Originally posted to Vetwife on Fri Oct 05, 2012 at 08:13 AM PDT.

Also republished by Military Community Members of Daily Kos and Community Fundraisers.

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