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Just an update on how things are going here on Baked Potato Island.


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The holiday is going nicely.  We're actually commanded to be happy during Sukkot - and I have to say that while things were pretty rough before the chag, I saw miracles.  Those miracles were delivered partially through Kossacks in guidance and support and sorting out what I needed - because I was having difficulty seeing where to even begin.  So - thank you.  Cranial rectal inversion has been at least semi sorted.

Since we are in the intermediate days and I can get out and about and take care of things in a normal fashion - I did.  Bills for the month are paid.  My home and utilities are safe and there is both human and cat food in the cupboard.

The first thing I got done was go to the local County Action office and try to get help seeing a local doctor to get back on some kind of meds - and while that is slow going, the process is started.  I have to go back next week with the collected information and hopefully a doctor's appointment will be in my near future.  

It turns out they consider SNAP to be income, so the "sliding scale" still involves money.  OTOH, by asking for help at CCA, they may be able to cover the "co-pay" to allow me to see someone and get some meds.  My primary care doctor is located in the office CCA is working with - so I have someone who actually knows what I need and LISTENS to me - she really is an awesome doctor when I can see her.

I applied for both the Assurance Phone (aka "Obama Phone") and also an Oregon program for a low cost phone through DHS - it turns out you have to ask specifically for the Assurance Phone program - the woman at the desk had never heard of it.  One or the other should be approved in a matter of weeks.  I am still on the waiting list for Oregon Health Plan - it's a straight up lottery system and chronic conditions don't move you up the line.   I did verify I am in the running though.

The final step was to go to the local Social Security office - Baruch Hashem I live in the county seat - and made an appointment for next week to apply for Disability.  I made an appointment simply because the paperwork involved and the online process are just overwhelming - but next Wednesday a nice lady will help me with all the paperwork at their office.

I also spoke to some other boaties down here and we will be making a construction party on the boat - most likely Monday as the holiday will be over then - and closing in the aft bulkhead and putting in a door.   This is a larger project than my single pair of hands can manage right now - but with a couple of us and the proper tools in hand we should have it framed in and built out in a matter of hours.  Most of the materials I had already, just not the ability to get things done.  With the help of my neighbours - I will have a properly closed up living space and a door I can lock when I'm not home.  

I'm really looking forward to that.

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