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I have really had it with the continued moaning and groaning about Obama's debate performance, up to and including tonight's Bill Maher Show.  If you've given $1 million to Obama, you don't want to keep analyzing to death why he supposedly "sucked."  You want to move on, as not only we here have, but as a lot of even mainstream media, the twitterverse etc. have -- to Romney's lies, Big Bird and (God help us) fending off BLS-deniers.  So as to Maher's show tonight:

1. Frank Luntz -- skipped it.  He's a sociopathic creep who helped start the viciousness of Republican assaults, and is not worth mine (or Maher's) time.  I caught the end, where Luntz talked about how Obama refused to work with Republicans, as opposed to Mitt in MA, and wondered why Maher didn't just laugh in his face or throw him out.  Luntz knows the Republicans plotted from 1/09 to frustrate anything Obama did.  He's a dirty son-of-a-bitch who doesn't deserve time from decent people.

2.  Panel of Will Cain, Mark Foley (!) and Kerry Washington.  Kerry was absolutely great on all the issues, and was the only one who disagreed with the others (including Maher) that Romney looked "Presidential."  She said, "I'm sorry, but no one who constantly lies can look Presidential."  Maher, though, adopted the Mitt "Etch a Sketch" idea, when that's not the point -- He really didn't back off his right wing positions, and the main point about him was the he lied from beginning to end.

Good acknowledgement by Maher that "BLS denial" is tantamount to treason.

3.  Bill McKibben -- a very good presentation, and good put downs both of Cain ("the verdict is not in, the cure is worse crap) and Foley, who made the incredibly dumb statement that "you can't say that Inhofe is typical of the Republican Senate."  Oh yes you can.

4.  New Rules -- I was afraid that Maher would again flog the Obama sucked in the debate horse, but he did a very good riff about his personal experience with recovery -- like lines at the mall, etc., and justified blaming Bush and the horrible legacy he left.

Next week -- Ann Coulter and Darrel Issa -- don't know if I can stomach that.


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