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Some of you might recall that old Bobby Darin song 'Multiplication'. The chorus went something like..."Multiplication...that's the name of the game". It might be that Mr Romney was listening to that tune just before he went on to debate President Obama last week. That would explain his ideas for healthcare, medicare, social security and other such programs. His ideas are simple! End medicare as we know it and turn it over to the states! So we will then have 50 medicare systems in place. That would sure make things great, wouldn't it? The same for overall healthcare. Let us create 50 different healthcare systems and maybe even 50 CDC style bureaucracies. The same idea awaits Social Security. So that we will end up with 50 different Social Security programs that are sure to remedy so many of the our nations ills. Multiplication is the name of the game according to Mitt Romney, not just in making money but in how he sees social and economic issues in America. Democrats should be talking about those ideas from Romney.  

He spoke of his five point program to correct the ills of the American economy but gave us no actual facts on exactly what he intends to do! Making America "energy independent" sounds interesting! Apparently Mr Romney does not keep up on energy news and has not been informed that American oil companies EXPORT more oil to foreign nations than they import! If he were to simply read the reports by the U.S. Energy Information Administration for the first half of 2011 or listen to the nightly news casts he would know that bringing energy independence to America means putting an end to oil exports. Exports that are actually higher than the amount of oil that is imported to America. So exactly how is he going to do that? How is he going to get oil companies to stop selling their oil at higher prices in other countries?



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Mr Romney and Mr Ryan do not know how any of those things will be achieved. They just make it up as they go along, much as Rush Limbaugh does on his radio show. If it works for Limbaugh it must work for them.

In some ways Democrats are dropping the ball on the entire campaign. They are allowing the GOP to dictate what subjects are and are not on the table. Democrats are being pathetic in these areas as for instance their reluctance to ask the question "Are we better off today than 4 years ago!". Obviously we are way better off. The stock market is not falling by 800 points; 700 thousand workers are not being laid off every month; banks are not going bankrupt every day as they were back then; the auto industry is doing incredibly well; new jobs are being created every month; etc. So why are Democratic leaders acting so docile, so afraid, so timid about this issue?

Worse than that is the reluctant of President Obama and Democratic leaders to start dealing into the REPUBLICAN RECORD!! Compared to President Obama, Romney has no record to speak of! He ran the Olympics! That took a whole two weeks and some $2 billion! And his governorship! These are not records to shout about! But he is running against the Obama Record because he knows Obama will not confront him with the Republican Record! Which is a terrible mistake by the Democrats! It is the REPUBLICAN record that democrats are running against! So stop helping the GOP hide the Bush-Cheney years in the White House!

The GOP is conducting a campaign that leaves out their entire record. They keep Bush and Cheney out of the picture and every right-wing talk show in America is working double time to make American forget what the GOP did to our nation's economy between 2001- 2008! These conservative talking heads are convinced that we, the American people are just so stupid that we will all fall for their nonsense. We did in 2000 when we allowed Bush to become President even though the nation was doing so well.  WHY are Democrats allowing this to go on? The Democrats should be showing news clips from 2008 showing the economic failures of the GOP and bringing home the facts of what happened. Remember that Romney SUPPORTED all those programs of the Bush-Cheney Administration!
He was one of them!!!  

The Democrats need to remind voters that George Bush became President in January of 2001 and NOT on Sept 12, 2001, the day after 911 like the GOP tries to make it seem. Republicans have a habit of saying that President Bush kept us "safe" as if '911' did not occur under his watch! No he did not keep us safe! And as to Lybia, it appears that one of the ring leaders of the attacks was a former GITMO detainee that was released in 2007 by the Bush Administration and sent back to Lybia. This is another issue the Dems should be talking about. Had such a prisoner release happened under a democratic administration the conservative media would be having a field day with it. Democrats need to stop acting so passive and so docile and start fighting for a victory!

Finally on the economy, George Bush left us with 7.9% unemployment rate and hundreds of business on their way to bankruptcy. How was that possible with two wars going on? Wars create thousands and thousands of jobs! If we were to use the Republican formula for unemployment then President Bush actually left us with 14% unemployment rate! And trillion dollar deficits. These facts should be the centerpiece of the Democratic campaign and not allowing the GOP to dictate what issues are to be discussed! Obama needs to become more aggressive and remind America of what happened under the Bush-Cheney administration. Because that is precisely what Romney-Ryan are all about!  They represent the exact same - in effect a sequel to Bush-Cheney.

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