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When he ran against Ted Kennedy for the Senate, as election day approached Mitt kept adopting more and more of Kennedy's essential platform and retaining less and less of his own.  "If you've admired Kennedy, you'll really love me", was his campaign's closing message.  So much so that Teddy quipped that given another two weeks, for Romney to get his program enacted he would have to be voting for him (Kennedy).  
Little has changed, suddenly it is etch-a-sketch time.  Instead of outflanking Santorum, Kaine and Gingrich on the rabid right, he is pirouetting and actually attempting to match Obama in the center and, through this move, to obscure the essential differences between them—healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, Taxes, essentially the same.  The difference is Mitt wants all Americans to succeed and the economy to experience robust growth.  According to Mitt, Obama wants failure.  The way in which the press hardly questions the lack of principle that is demonstrated by such a quintessentially Romney move is difficult to fathom. For too much of the press, Mitt's just shaken up the etch-a-sketch, no big deal;  we always knew he would; when he shakes he looks so presidential, and he lies with such aplomb that all had to admit it was a masterful performance he gave.  
John Kerry knows Mitt Romney very well.  He has seen Mitt's game played before.  One has to wonder what went wrong (if anything) in the Obama camp debate prep.  It is time to bring the hammer down.  Not merely on policy questions, because Mitt's policy positions are written on jelly, but on the man who stands for whatever is expedient.  That is the enemy that must be kept from the White House.


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