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What would explain the outbreak of irrational conspiracy, anti-government rhetoric coming from the conservative wing when a Democrat occupies the Whitehouse? It seems a day doesn’t go by that a speech, a comment, a discovery of video or a transcript where a conservative politician or campaign surrogate is exposed having said some of the most unimaginable, inflammatory, ridiculous nonsense.


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Am I surprised, no, but do they truly believe this drivel? Can you imagine Todd Akin in his high school or college biology class turning in a paper on the female reproductive system? What teacher or economics professor would allow the twisted math necessary for some of the budgetary theories proposed by Paul Ryan? Did you learn in civics or history any of the nonsense that Republicans now attempt to rewrite and pass off as historical fact? What anthropology professor or scientist wouldn’t roll on the floor laughing when reviewing a thesis from Michele Bachmann about man and dinosaurs roaming the earth together? It is hard to imagine that any credible education professional would give a student a passing grade if they espoused the irrational rhetoric or exhibited the behavior demonstrated on the floor of the Senate, the House, and in the main stream media. When has lying constituted style in a Presidential debate or for that matter in any discourse? Senator Daniel Moynihan has been credited as saying something like “You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts”. How do these opinions survive the traditional education system? Did these individuals somehow manage to CLEP the Reality 101 course? Were these politicians issued a handbook on the tactics necessary to convince the middle class to vote against its own self interests? I have an opinion or maybe it’s just my conspiracy theory. Watch closely as I employ one of the favorite Fox Noise tactics. “Some say” it started with home-schooling? Yes, I know there are many, many documented cases where home schooled children grow up to be well adjusted adults and this isn’t meant to be a condemnation of all home schooling. “Some of my best friends are home schooled”. See I did it again. I am attempting to share some thoughts and elicit your feedback. It would seem if an individual is raised in a segregated environment where they listened to one or maybe two myopic points of view their entire childhood without the benefit of the multitude of opinions available in our current education system they may have a very narrow or incomplete understanding of the world at large. That is the opposite of what diversity is all about. There are of course always going to be exceptions, but how is a constant barrage of propaganda, without benefit of outside influence, information or feedback different from that of the North Korean regime or the theocratic ramblings of the Ayatollah in Iran?

Why would people come to the conclusion that the earth is flat or that the sun revolves around the earth? If you can’t be drowned or burned at the stake you must be satanic. What sort of twisted logic produced the notion that we should honor “state’s rights” or imminent domain over federal powers, but not individual choice? Who decides that some “people” aren’t as “equal” as others? Where does the ability to determine ethnic heritage (Scott Brown) or sexual orientation (“gaydar”) on sight come from? Why are Democrats, progressives and liberals not real Americans (Sarah Palin) or Communist (Alan West) because they don’t agree with a specific policy? How did patriotism become measured by the number of flags you stand in front of or the presence and size of your lapel pin? Why is a small business owner subjected to death threats and hate mail if he doesn’t wish his business to become a political pawn? Who determines that heroes are real (John McCain) or not (John Kerry) depending on political affiliation? Why is polling only accurate when it favors your candidate (unskewedpolls.com). When did positive jobs reports that show a growing American economy become reviled as conspiracy (Jack Welch and Donald the Comb-Over)? How did 90% becomes the equivalent of 3% (Jon Kyle)? How did less than 1% of the green energy companies failing become 50% (Mitt Rmoney)? Who decided that people in poverty, not making enough money to pay income taxes (Mitt Rmoney’s 47%) shouldn’t be allowed to vote or worse discounted altogether (Mitt Rmoney)? Why is it when you avoid paying a fair share in taxes as a millionaire or corporation it’s applauded, but don’t pay taxes because you are military serving in a combat zone or retired elderly you’re scorned (Mitt Rmoney)?

Could these ideas be simply indoctrination, hypocrisy or a result of intelligent design, evolution or maybe something even more sinister? Are they widespread as a result of low information individuals who traditionally obtain their information from a single source (i.e. fundamentalist parents, hate radio and Fox Noise)? Is there something in the water or the air as a result of pollution or could this be another unintended side affect of global climate change? Contrary to popular opinion on the right we are all evolving, but not all in a FORWARD direction.


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