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Ok so after being gone for 5 days (thursday to monday night) I get back to civilization and hear an uproar in the blogosphere about Obama "loosing" the debate, badly. Well for someone who is more then a little politically minded, I must admit I hate political debates. If I wanted to watch two guys speaking in endless platitudes I would go to church or watch christian television. Furthermore the era of Bush Jr or as we said in Mexico "micro-Bush" (pronounced like microbus) has probably permanently ended my ability to take Republicans talking in public seriously, and sadly often Dems are not much better.

However as an Obama vote in 08 I am pulling for my boy in Blue and even though as a closet Green in a safe state, I have toyed with casting a protest vote for Stein, I hope in my heart of hearts that President O gets another 4 years and I shudder over the alternative...

So while at work today I pull up youTube and listen to the hour and a half political fracas on headphones without any visuals. What did I hear?

Obama kicked Romney's ass.

Yes he mopped the floor with him and then poured sour swiss cheese shavings in his mouth. Romney's voice sounded like a whiney little baby. He avoided nearly every question and sounded belligerent and nasally. Obama's deep baritone was smooth, coherent and collected. He directly answered questions calmly and concisely. He offered rebuttals that were clean, well organized and timely. He defended his stances on everything from health care to solar energy and showed his cohesion to his principles of supporting the middle class.

Romney meandered wildly, speaking in nondescript platitudes and evading both questions and reality. An intelligent person could easily see through his arguments.

Speaking with a coworker later, I told my experience. While he did not disagree with me he said Obama clearly lost based on body language and visuals. Any other opinions. I guess we really are in the MTV era, beyond Kennedy beating Nixon based on pasty white teeth and boyish good looks. We are a ADD nation looking for the next American Idol, who will Randy Jackson say sang the 20 second Justin Timberlake clip better?

I for one am a firm believer in content. And honesty.

Obama won.


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