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I don't think anyone has posted a diary on this but it's big.  REAL BIG.


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Here's the link to the article:

Here are the details:

Judging by the way Paul Ryan is acting, one would never know that Paul Ryan even has another race, much less has an opponent in that Congressional race.

Nevertheless, Paul Ryan is facing a real threat from Democrat Rob Zerban. The real threat is of complete political extinction. The real threat is that Paul Ryan could lose both the race for Vice President and the race for his "safe" Congressional seat in Wisconsin.

Rob Zerban outraised Paul Ryan by more than $200,000 in the all-important third quarter. Rob Zerban’s campaign reported a quarterly fundraising haul of $770,000, well above Ryan’s $566,743—and has now Zerban has raised more than $2 million.

Here is Rob Zerban's response:
“We’re holding Paul Ryan accountable to his lies, and that’s why we’re gaining momentum in the final stretch,” said Rob Zerban. “Our campaign is getting the word out on Ryan’s plot to kill Medicare, gut student loans, and hand out new tax cuts for the wealthy—and people across the country are responding.”
And the last part of the article:
Clearly, Rob Zerban is focusing directly on Paul Ryan.

With all the talk about jobs, it could be Paul Ryan that could be out of a job on the evening of November 6th if he doesn't start focusing on Rob Zerban.

Did you hear that?  Paul Ryan could be out of a job on the evening of November 6 if he doesn't start focusing on Rob Zerban!  Sure, he's got a lot of admiration within the Republican Party but really, get real Ryan!  Stop being such a wimp and debate Zerban!  House Majority Leader Eric Cantor debated Wayne Powell, why not you?

Well, I say we should enable Rob Zerban to out raise Paul Ryan even more and make him pay for holding President Obama responsible for the plant closure in Janesville when Ryan himself did NOTHING about it!

DISCLAIMER:  If you're already campaigning for Rob Zerban's campaign and doing it like crazy, you do not need to vote in the polls.  I recognize you guys are already on top of the game.  You will admit, though, this new story is firing you up!  :)

Zerban Campaign Website:



6:34 PM PT: What the hell happened?  I thought I updated my diary with the Campaign website of Zerban, as well as the donation and volunteer links?

Oh heck.  I've been hyped up about the vice-presidential debate and the potential of the A's and the Giants to go into the World Series.

And if you think Joe Biden is kicking ass and Paul Ryan is being a fool, get your butts in gear and give Rob Zerban's campaign some fire!

6:53 PM PT: If any of you guys don't trust the Examiner.com article re: Rob Zerban outraising Paul Ryan, I've got perhaps a more reliable source:

Wisconsin State Journal:


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Originally posted to pipsorcle on Thu Oct 11, 2012 at 03:36 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.


How are you going to help Rob Zerban defeat Paul Ryan this November?

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16%4 votes
33%8 votes
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