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Other than the pros at Obama for America, the largest professional group that knows what a liar Romney is has to be "journalists."  And yet, they (most of them) follow every Romney lie down a rabbit hole. Journalism isn't reporting lies, its uncovering lies and then telling the truth about the liar.  

Somebody in Romney's shop finally figured out that all or most of the likely or leaning Obama swing states will be won by ... (drum roll) ... Obama.  Romney can't win the Electoral College without picking up a good chunk of those likely/leaning Obama states.  As Bill would say, "its the math."  

Since the MSM generally knows this, some Romney "strategery" guy decided to shift the focus to states the MSM hasn't "investigated" or thought much about lately.

Romney Strategery Guy:  "If we can't get the light blue states, let's go for the dark blue states!"
Romney Math Guy:  "Great!!!  Uhhhh, but how?"
Romeny Strategery Guy:  "Simple.  We'll just say they're "in play."  
Romney Math Guy:  "But....  they're not."
Romney Strategery Guy:  "They are if we say they are."
Romney Math Guy:  "But won't the media say we're wrong?"
Romney Media Guy:  "You're joking, right"?
Romney Math Guy:  "But .... can we win the dark blue states?"
Romney Strategery:  "Golly, gee, no.  But if the good folks in the light blue states think we can win, they'll come out and vote for us.  Everyone loves a winner!  This is what the boss calls a ruse."  
Romney Math and Media Guys:  "Genius.  Sheer genius."  

Hence:  Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania are suddenly "in play."   And off to the races go the MSM.  Funny how these states weren't "in play" until the Romney Big-Mo myth was debunked, although you'll still find some MSM checking their guts instead of facts and thinking Romney has some invisible momentum that isn't showing up in the polls.  

But, hey, if Romney's PACs and SuperPacs want to provide a stimulus by spending millions in those ad markets, have at it.

Helpful hint to MSM.  Next time, before you read a Romney press release and call it journalism, why don't you investigate the facts.  Those true blue states aren't in any danger of winding up in Mitt's column.  Not even Joe Scarborough would take that bet!  What does that tell you?  (See Axelrod - Scarborough mustache bet reported elsewhere).

What swing state is really in play that once was thought safely in a candidate's column?  FLORIDA.  

I don't think PBO is a lock to win re-election, but I'd certainly rather have his stats (policies, character, judgment, etc.) than Romney's at this point.

And thanks to the hardworking journalists out there who DO investigate facts, call lies lies, and don't fall into the trap of false equivalency.



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