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Expect Tuesday’s debate to show the release of a new line of rhetoric on foreign policy from both presidential candidates; on Monday, the dynamic greatly shifted.


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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CNN that “I take responsibility” for the Sept. 11 attacks against the U.S. consulate in Libya which resulted in the death of four American staffers, including America’s respective ambassador for the nation.

State Department testimonies in the past week showed requests had been made by Benghazi for more security, though they were denied.

The pretense the White House was led to believe –and was recited during the vice presidential debate by incumbent Joe Biden– was that information was few and thin on why the attacks occurred. One of the first theories was that an anti-Islamic film caused the uproar, though that theory has since been debunked.

There’s always “confusion” in the wake of an attack, Clinton contended.

A recent Fox News poll shows that nine percent more likely voters disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of the situation in Libya. But this isn’t exactly about election-year politics, according to the former N.Y. Sen.

“I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha,” Ms. Clinton said.

Yet the politicization of this issue is inevitable, due to new reports which shift the entire dynamic

In a shift that may position the former Ill. Sen. to adopt a more hardline approach on foreign policy, the Associated Press reports that administration officials have said they positioned and will use special operation strike forces and drones to attack militants from Libya to Mali if an al-Qaeda link is found.

Prior to the debates, foreign policy was seen by THE MARTINEZ REPORT to be the sole issue which had unforeseeable erraticism, in that if each debate until the final was a tie, developing events for the foreign affairs debate could be tipped in one favor or the other, particularly with Middle-East developments.

After Mitt Romney’s strong performance in the initial debate, however, that notion was put to the side. But now it’s back into play if Mr. Obama can get the comeback story he needs.

The Romney campaign had initially politicized the issue via misleading information prior to deaths even occurring. Mr. Obama more-so played the role of consoler in-chief which was –aside from policy– partially seen as a sign of weakness in the eyes of the opposition.


ADDED KOS COMMENTARY: Mr. Obama has economics and women's issues essentially in the bag. He's pretty much cinched the race if all goes well on this issue. Like the unprecedented --for this administration-- unemployment report for Sept., this would shatter a heavy GOP talking point.

This article was originally posted at MartinezReport.com, a not-for-profit political campaign and polling analysis website. No loading ads. No tricks. Just pure plain politics.

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