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On Tuesday, we brought you our quarterly House fundraising roundup, in which we gathered up fundraising numbers for the 94 races that we are rating as competitive, including various incumbent-on-incumbent races. As usual, we'll take a look at which challengers outraised incumbents, and which have more cash-on-hand than the members of Congress they're trying to unseat.

First up, the challengers who beat their opponents in the third quarter of the year (all numbers in thousands). We are making one methodological change; you can call it the "Pete Coors" effect: we're now including transfers from other committees and excluding self-funded totals, both of which are counted as part of the "topline" total amount raised (this is distinguished from self loans, which are not). You can click column headers to sort:

CD Challenger Party Raised Incumbent Party Raised
CA-07 Ami Bera (D) 730 Dan Lungren (R) 510
CA-09 Ricky Gill (R) 727 Jerry McNerney (D) 523
CA-10 Jose Hernandez (D) 493 Jeff Denham (R) 317
CA-36 Raul Ruiz (D) 540 Mary Bono Mack (R) 381
FL-10 Val Demings (D) 503 Daniel Webster (R) 207
FL-16 Keith Fitzgerald (D) 468 Vern Buchanan (R) 227
FL-26 Joe Garcia (D) 431 David Rivera (R) 122
IA-02 John Archer (R) 417 Dave Loebsack (D) 312
IL-08 Tammy Duckworth (D) 1508 Joe Walsh (R) 254
IL-11 Bill Foster (D) 642 Judy Biggert (R) 624
KY-06 Andy Barr (R) 804 Ben Chandler (D) 504
MA-06 Richard Tisei (R) 646 John Tierney (D) 508
MD-06 John Delaney (D) 399 Roscoe Bartlett (R) 208
MN-08 Rick Nolan (D) 484 Chip Cravaack (R) 462
NC-08 Richard Hudson (R) 512 Larry Kissell (D) 220
NH-01 Carol Shea-Porter (D) 675 Frank Guinta (R) 363
NH-02 Annie Kuster (D) 725 Charlie Bass (R) 472
NY-11 Mark Murphy (D) 323 Mike Grimm (R) 249
NY-18 Sean Maloney (D) 926 Nan Hayworth (R) 573
NY-19 Julian Schreibman (D) 537 Chris Gibson (R) 388
PA-06 Manan Trivedi (D) 436 Jim Gerlach (R) 334
PA-12 Keith Rothfus (R) 543 Mark Critz (D) 501
UT-04 Mia Love (R) 999 Jim Matheson (D) 469
VA-02 Paul Hirschbiel (D) 352 Scott Rigell (R) 311

Of this list of 24, 17 are Democrats; this makes sense since again, there are more vulnerable Republicans. (Pete Coors, the Republican in CO-07 is not on this list. While on paper, his $1.77 million haul dwarfs incumbent Dem Ed Perlmutter's $725k, $1.35 million of Coors' total was self-funded. Excluding his self-funding, Coors raised "only" $417k, explaining why he isn't on this list. CO-07 is the only race affected by the exclusion of self-funded amounts.)

Next up is an even more elite crew, the ten challengers (six Democrats, 4 Republicans) who have banked more cash than the incumbents they're facing ("CoH" = cash-on-hand):

CD Challenger Party CoH Incumbent Party CoH
CA-09 Ricky Gill (R) 1,146 Jerry McNerney (D) 1,038
IL-08 Tammy Duckworth (D) 763 Joe Walsh (R) 592
MD-06 John Delaney (D) 249 Roscoe Bartlett (R) 221
MI-01 Gary McDowell (D) 604 Dan Benishek (R) 571
NH-02 Annie Kuster (D) 922 Charlie Bass (R) 752
NY-18 Sean Maloney (D) 855 Nan Hayworth (R) 785
NY-25 Maggie Brooks (R) 857 Louise Slaughter (D) 411
OH-06 Charlie Wilson (D) 440 Bill Johnson (R) 388
RI-01 Brendan Doherty (R) 510 David Cicilline (D) 241
UT-04 Mia Love (R) 457 Jim Matheson (D) 307

Finally, we've conducted similar analyses for the five remaining incumbent-vs.-incumbent matchups, three of which are intra-party (thanks to California's top-two system and the Louisiana jungle "primary"). Head below the fold for our charts.


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Here's 3Q fundraising:

CD Incumbent Party Raised Incumbent Party Raised
CA-30 Howard Berman (D) 716 Brad Sherman (D) 225
CA-44 Janice Hahn (D) 179 Laura Richardson (D) 7
IA-03 Tom Latham (R) 487 Leonard Boswell (D) 300
LA-03 Charles Boustany (R) 602 Jeff Landry (R) 404
OH-16 Betty Sutton (D) 594 Jim Renacci (R) 551

And here's cash:

CD Incumbent Party CoH Incumbent Party CoH
CA-30 Brad Sherman (D) 1,848 Howard Berman (D) 394
CA-44 Janice Hahn (D) 132 Laura Richardson (D) 68
IA-03 Tom Latham (R) 1,510 Leonard Boswell (D) 226
LA-03 Charles Boustany (R) 1,268 Jeff Landry (R) 755
OH-16 Betty Sutton (D) 1,214 Jim Renacci (R) 1,021
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