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On her THE WAR ROOM show last night, Gov. Jennifer Granholm got us All Fired Up and Ready to Go..with her ending 'Obama coaching' comment. It is not recorded as a segment that I can find, but came after her salute to VOLUNTEERS. She canvassed with volunteers in Virginia last weekend. She herself traveling door to door, as she is an old hand at this. Of course, she had a cameraman etc too, but still.

Here is a short segment as Volunteer Salute.Granholm to campaign volunteers: ‘You are an inspiration!’  

After that she gave a brief ending comment prompting President Obama to become fiery and Fired Up himself. She used the Stock Market and Employment UP 5 Years and Foreclosures Down...and ended with the 'We Are On the Right Track...No Going Back!'

But more economic news today includes the fact that everyone on Social Security will get a 1.3% COLA increase come January. (Thank you, two more meals per month. ..well if they don't raise Medicare costs.)

....and Reuters noted that the Stock Market was UP and that AMAZON is hiring 50,000 for the holidays.

All of which prompted me to make some online posters.

Here is flckr link to this one: HOPE is Greater than Fear

HOPE is Great than Fear

....and, since The Boss is going to perform at OBAMA rallies in Both PARMA, OHIO and AMES, IOWA on Thursday, October 18, and Big Dog Bill Clinton will be at Parma rally,
I made one for those events too, using a great 'BORN in USA' pic someone else made.

12:00 UPDATE: Re Venues which weren't out yesterday:

Springsteen will be joined by President Bill Clinton for a get-out-the-vote fall in at Cuyahoga Community College, West College, in Parma, Ohio to drum up support for the Obama/Biden ticket. He will then head out to Ames, Iowa, near the Iowa State University campus, to push the ticket later in the day Thursday.
Flickr link: The BOSS is Coming! To Parma and Ames

The Boss is coming

Please share and GET ALL FIRED UP!  Cuz We Are On the Right Track. NO GOING BACK!


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