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There are many bloggers and Kossacks covering this. I asked a similar question last night, as I ---like many others yelled at the television in total disgust as Mitt Romney lied his pants off about his views regarding fair pay and women's equality issues.

I am not going to get terribly technical. I am just going to point some things out. Then I will like to other diaries that give more technical information regarding this catastrophic gaffe by the Rombot3000.

I posted this question on a diary discussing the pertinent part of the debate:

What I want to know is this: (2+ / 0-)

When he started talking smack about forming his gubernatorial cabinet and stated that NO women applied for the job, because there were NO qualified applicants amongst the males--


And then he had to "heroically" run down some womerns to serve in his cabinet and then gave them flex time?

Gosh that sounds JUST LIKE Bain Capital type mentality.

Yep, I buy that whole thing, hook line and sinker!

Where does that happen?

It smells like a total fabrication to me.

NO as in ZERO qualified, female applicants attempted to get on his cabinet in Massachusetts--home of our oldest Women's College, Mt Holyoke?

Really NO qualified Women?

I further it with this:

The Eastern Seaboard with Brown University, Holyoke, Wellesley College--Hello, and that's just a couple.

Not to mention all the female graduates from coed Institutions, and the multitude of female upper management, business owners, etc., that can be found in our Metropolitan centers on the Eastern Seaboard.

I would understand if he needed to hunt down women because he was governor of Afghanistan, but Massachusetts? He is the center of one of most densely populated areas of our country.

I think everyone knew he was lying last night. He blinked so much his eyes must have been tired from all the work. But when he told this story specifically, his face took on the characteristics of a small boy, fibbing, looking for approval. I should know I watch kids all day, and whether I like or not, raising and watching kids has been a huge part of my life since I was a teenager. I recognize that look easily--as do probably mothers, grandmothers and aunties, and teachers around the country.

But back to the harshest fact of all. Women achieve more college degrees than men. So that again begs the question--how is it that he needed to run down qualified applicants, because allegedly none of the applications he received were either from women or from qualified female-applicants to his gubernatorial cabinet?  

One sign of rising expectations by women is shown in the fact that women earned 45.1 percent of bachelor's degrees in business in 1984-5 and 50 percent by 2001-2, up from only 9.1 percent in 1970-1. Similar large increases in the female share of BAs also have occurred in the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering since the early 1970s. It also could be that the rise in divorce rates since the 1960s and women's greater responsibility for children have prompted women to see an investment in college as an insurance policy for their future financial lives. National Bureau of Economic Research.
The NYT says in 2006: At Colleges, Women are leaving Men in the Dust.

Big bird says in 2002, in a story titled, Newshour Extra: Effects of More Women than Men attending College

Along with the number of women attending college, more women can be found working behind the scenes as professors and administrators. Today, women account for 20 percent of college presidents, heading up schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Brown University.
Now this last Newshour post was from 2002, the year that Mittens became the governor of Massachusetts. How is it, if we have a reverse gender gap in academia, and more women than men achieving bachelors and master's degrees, that in the whole of his state, he didn't receive the application of even ONE QUALIFIED FEMALE APPLICANT, but instead had to heroically track women down on some crazed Cinderella adventure to find some "Womerns" to serve on his cabinet.

Some other perspectives about this issue:

Kaili Joy Gray covers another aspect of this lie in her piece: About Mitt Romney's "Binder's Full of Women" Guess What. It's B.S.

Chris Anderson's piece: "Binders Full of Women" More Damaging for Romney Than We Realize.

"Binder's Full of Women" A Lie by That Posh Girl.

Mitt Romney--Baby He's Venus Bound!


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No One Put's Baby in a Binder--ABC Romney Binders Meme Slide Show.

Fri Oct 19, 2012 at  6:20 AM PT: CNN Reports:

Jesse Mermell, a Democratic local official in Brookline, Massachusetts, who was executive director of the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus from 2004 to 2008, took exception to Romney's statement that he initiated the search for qualified women for his cabinet.

A program her group oversaw provided Romney's transition team in 2002 with resumes of qualified women, Mermell told a conference call with reporters Wednesday.

"Mitt Romney did not request those," Mermell said, explaining that the program called MassGAP approached Romney and his Democratic opponent before the election to get their commitment for hiring women to state positions in proportion to the female population. "Then after the election, our group approached the Romney transition team with the resumes, or the so-called binders full of women."


Romney's lying just keeps getting better and better.


He must think that women are supremely stupid to fall for his crap. And yes, voting is an economic issue. However, the only party that has distinctly failed women as a whole, has been the GOP.

Any party that wishes to take away the fundamental right of women to practice Reproductive Self Determination isn't a friend of Women. And that alone would mean economic ruin for women, along with social stigma, and putting women in a position to be exploited by males and institutions, more easily.

Fri Oct 19, 2012 at  6:35 AM PT: Can we tempt this woman to come to the states?

We need some of her fire over here.


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