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Going to the polls can be a theatrical event, if we decide to have a little fun with it! Some costume/prop ideas:

The job reaper - Take a grim reaper costume, add a Chinese flag or symbolism somewhere, and then have a sign about Romney's love of sending jobs to China. You are the grim reaper because you are here to collect the jobs that Romney's greed KILLED in the US. I was thinking of doing this to go with my pamphlet from this diary.

Romneyhood - He steals from the poor and gives to the rich! This can help drive home the points that a) Romney's campaign is in the pocket of the 1% b) Romney's tax plan, by all reasonable accounts, will have to include a tax hike for the middle class, c) Romney flip-flopped/lied about giving a tax break to the top 1%, see his debate statements on Tuesday compared to from the primaries.

Two-Face - go as Two-Face/Harvey Dent (villain/hero from The Dark Knight) with a sign "Which Mitt Romney are YOU voting for?" Bring some flyers with Romney's flip-flops on abortion, taxes, gun rights, health care (need I go on?) for an extra punch. The point is to re-iterate that Mitt hasn't had a consistent stance on anything, and will just say what he thinks the party he's running under wants him to say to get elected.

Waldo! - "Here's Waldo! Where's Romney's tax returns?" All you need is to find a Red-and-White striped shirt and ski cap.

Big Bird (or any Sesame Street character) - "Save my job! Fire Romney!" "I'm .0014% of the budget, hands off my funding!" "Fund Muppets not Bombs" "Don't fire me, bro!"

Carmen Sandiago - OK, this might be a bit obscure. Same idea as Waldo, except "Where in the world are Romney's tax returns and hidden trust funds?" You can couple this with a brochure mocked up like a travel brochure that shows the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, etc. and point them out as Romney's monetary destinations.

Bring an etch-a-sketch - I don't have to explain this one ;)

Bring binders - Label them "Women" and then have a sheet or flyers inside that point out Romney's non-answers on the issue of equal pay for women. This is also the cheapest theatrical idea I can think of. Even with flyers, a marker & tape you should be out for no more than $5.


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